Dr Virginia Wells

Topics Include:

  • 7 Keys to Leadership Success – Exemplary performance cannot be obtained without the right leadership skills and strategies. Dr. Wells helps foster leadership skills to equip organizations with high performance teams that will meet organizational goals more efficiently and powerfully.
  • Climbing the Pyramid of Success – Dr. Wells teaches women the secret ingredient every businesswoman must learn in order to climb. This includes how what “Rising Stars” of the business community are doing to grow their organizations faster.
  • 5 Surefire Methods to Maximizing Your Time – In this talk, Dr. Virginia Wells uses her experience working with the Army, Air Force, and Marines to teach attendee specific skills they can use right away to get more out of each day, becoming more productive week after week.
  • Leading Like a Lady – Advice and tips on how women can supercharge their leadership skills and what capabilities to develop to ignite their path to success.
  • 4 Hacks to Dealing With Difficult People – Instead of avoiding difficult colleagues and family members, Dr. Wells offer tools to work with and live with those challenging individuals.
  • 7 Obstacles That Are Holding You Back – Targeted for Women, this talk offers skills to build empowerment at home and in the workplace.

Virginia Wells helps managers and leaders to solve complex problems by thinking creatively to achieve their goals. Dr. Wells has been a renowned player in the leadership consulting field for more than 30 years, training leaders and managers to activate their brilliance. If you manage a team in your company, you probably know the importance of excellent business performance. However, exemplary performance cannot be obtained without the right leadership skills and strategies, and that is where she comes in. Dr. Wells understands that managers need somebody to help them grow their leadership skills so they can equip the organization with high performance teams.

Some of the Organizations Dr. Wells has coached and trained:

  • United States Marines at Quantico and the Pentagon
  • Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  • United States Army bases in Tokyo and Okinawa in Japan
  • KPMG
  • Howard Hughes Corporation
  • Oracle

She has been providing effective coaching and training to middle market business owners and top-level executives on leadership. She aims to help you identify your strengths so that you can meet organizational goals more efficiently.