Gunnar Thelander

Selected Speaking Topics:

  • The Ergonomics of Life – Soon to be a best-selling book, takes the principle of Ergonomics as something that we can all apply to all areas of our lives. Learn about the upgrades in our leadership mindsets, time and money management, nutrition, relationships, and our spirituality from the top experts in these areas.
  • The Ergonomics of Satisfaction – What are your employees really seeking as they clock-in and -out every day? What are their basic needs and how has the culture exceeded those needs? Employees need to get paid, but that does not mean they are satisfied with their environment to stay very long. In this talk, Gunnar reveals the secret sauce of employee satisfaction.
  • The Ergonomics of Millennials – This talk is centered on understanding the Millennial generation and building productive, meaningful relationships. Gunnar guides the audience through the history leading to the parental philosophy in raising Millennials and five tactics to develop them into effective leaders.

Gunnar Thelander’s powerful and engaging talks are backed by his extensive education in Exercise & Sports Science, M.A. and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. He is OSHA certified in Ergonomics and CPR/First Aid, and is a certified speaker and trainer with the John C. Maxwell team. Gunnar paints a positive scenario of how good things can be with leadership excellence and what that looks like within corporate environments and organizations. Programs through his company, Massage Kneads & Wellness, serve businesses, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, generating 1,500 rave reviews and testimonials.