Your Education Now an iApp

Why do YOU need an app? Friends, when you deliver dynamic presentations, your audience wants to connect with you. They want to learn more. Now, you can add your power point slides to your very own iApp to augment your presentations or add additional sales revenue to your efforts. The iApp makes it very easy for your audience to retain your expert guidance AND it brings YOUR company to the forefront of their memory each and every time they access it and share your wisdom with their colleagues and peers.

An iApp amplifies brand familiarity, and promotes you as THE authority leader in your niche.

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Add this exciting new way to share your content:

  • Provide Added Value to Your Audiences
  • New Prospects Find Your Content in the iTunes Store
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website and Programs
  • Add Buzz to Your Platform
  • Add Revenue
  • Attract New Audiences
  • Re-purpose Previous Content

Just think, in 30-60 days YOU could have your very own iApp to augment YOUR presentations, too! And for less than you think. We’ll begin developing your iApp for under $500.

That’s right.

And your completed iApp will continue to add revenue to your presentations far into the future, returning the $1499 development fee in relatively little time.

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Use tools the professionals use to impact their audiences. Be remembered for you unique approach and easy-to-use resources. Your crowd will go wild with testimonials – making YOU a shoe-in for their next big event! Don’t underestimate the power of push-button technology. Get your iApp today. Call 757-96-7735 (SPEAK) to get started right away.