Kathy Brandon

Kathy Brandon Speaks On:

  • The Hunger for Happiness and the Mastery of Keeping It! – When Kathy Brandon got to the point she understood the chase for happiness, she realized that happiness is no different than drugs, relationships, food, or any other addiction: we chase, we fix, and we chase some more until we hit an emotional and/or physical bottom. In this talk, she teaches how to keep being happy, which can be harder and more elusive.


During her Corporate Career at Microsoft and other large corporations, Kathy was known as a collaborator with a remarkable way of inspiring global groups into focused and productive goal achievement.  Kathy was magic in the realm of creating powerful and super productive online global teams.

Since leaving the corporate world, Kathy has utilized her 3 Step Fulfillment Formula with business owners, professional speakers, ministers, counselors, coaches, and doctors giving creatives and high achieving individuals the team they need to build a diversified business, that includes utilizing their KNOWLEDGE from LIFE to create additional revenue streams, providing them the FREEDOM to live the life of their dreams WHILE contributing and helping people.

Kathy has facilitated million dollar partnerships, while contributing greatly to customers far and wide. Specifically. Kathy has used social media as a primary marketing and customer relationship management tool, as well as other technologies such as email marketing systems and content expansion systems which have allowed her to be a full time Mom, a business owner, and professional speaker with a full Private Client base. Kathy’s clients work with her over and over again because the most hard to manage projects become FUN and INSPIRING when working with the Happinesschick!