Kathy Garland – Kathy Garland International

Kathy Garland speaks on:

  • Making It Happen: Secrets to Generating Powerful Results – Women don’t often take enough time to focus on what will bring them the success and balance they want. This interactive, dynamic workshop developed for women leaders offers the strategies and tools needed to create effective goals and action plans. Participants will leave with written goals, focus and passion to generate results.
  • Take Charge Of Your Life (And Your Business): Create the Future Your REALLY Dream Of – Is it time to commit to yourself? To go all out to see what you could do if you really gave yourself a chance? Leave your excuses at the door. If you are running on empty, it’s time to put life back into your focus. Take charge and envision a bold new future for yourself and your company. You have a safe space to create it in this powerful workshop.
  • Beyond Positive Thinking – Positive Living: Why positive thinking is more than just a trend – It’s a lifestyle. – Leave your fears and concerns at the door. Come into Kathy’s world and discover the career, health and life benefits of generating positive thoughts and creating more positive energy in your life. Affect your work environment, lead your children and family, be an example in the community. Surprise people, start a movement. Change your life.

Looking for a speaker who can leave your audience inspired, energized and ready to act?

Kathy Garland says Yes! to women business owners so they can say Yes! to themselves, too. She is deeply committed and passionate about WAKING UP the women leaders who want to change their lives and make a difference in the lives of others. Kathy creates  unique experiences with women business leaders at all levels to help ignite their imaginations to create a future worth living.

For more than two decades, Kathy has spoken to audience sizes as intimate as 20 and as large as 1,000. At home with audiences from corporate settings to member organizations, Kathy offers power-packed, thoughtful presentations that allow participants to interact and react for positive change.

Kathy’s dedicated to meeting planners and corporate Executives. She works diligently to customize and tailor presentations to serve both participants and host organizations that offer the presentations. Her win?win?win thinking creates big wins for all involved! Kathy delivers thought?provoking programs that deliver rave reviews and requests to come back!