Michele Collins

Selected Speaker Topics:

  • No More Groundhog Day: If nothing changes, then it must mean it’s time for you to change. Leaders who inspire others have these things in common: they are honest, vulnerable, and know themselves. Ideal for mid to high level leadership and executives ready to shed old, unproductive, and unfulfilling habits for a new perspective in life and work.
  • Knowing Your Self-Worth is the Key to Overcoming Adversity
  • You’re Already Living Your Fairytale (for Women)
  • Respect is Responsibility (For Men)
  • AdultingIRL (For Colleges)

Michele Collins says life is something to laugh about. Despite many early life challenges, including abuse, addiction, and trauma, Michele Collins’ healing and fulfillment began when she asked herself; “Why is my life so tragic?” She found comedy to be the perfect vehicle for sharing her story and inspiring audiences to live a rich and fulfilling life no matter what life throws at them. Michele spent 20 years breaking sales records in her position at major corporations.

Michele’s comedy resume includes big names in comedy including Jeanne Robertson’s Comedy with Class, Ellen DeGeneres Comedy Contest winner, Dean Lewis, and professional comedian Jamie Campbell of Second City as
well as improv classes at Beta Theatre. She has appeared in a comedy show with Andy Huggins, local Houston Comedian and most recent America’s Got Talent Finalist.

At 17, Michele Collins had already faced challenges that many of us never do: trauma, abuse, teen pregnancy, and homelessness. She also knew it was up to her to overcome these challenges.
She changed her course and become a high-performing sales executive for over 20 years, achieving record-breaking
sales numbers at multiple corporations.
Then, she endured the tragic and sudden loss of her
husband to addiction. It was at that point that she asked the
hardest question of all; Why am I so miserable?
Despite the successful career, nice home, and a supportive
network of people, she then realized her answer: So I can
help other people see that they can experience tragedy and
still live an incredible life.