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Why should I choose NationWide?
Great question. So many companies offer similar products to the ones we offer, so why NationWide? Sure we offer great quality, competitive pricing, expert service and guaranteed turnaround times. But the most important part of NationWide is our people and our process. Our staff is eager to help and they have the professional expertise to handle your project. Your contact at NationWide has an average of ten plus years experience in this industry. You will not be dealing with just a sales person. Your Project Adviser is teamed with a professional staff that will deal with you directly while producing your project. This professional staff handles all aspects of your project because they understand what you want and they have the experience to get it for you. On top of all that, NationWide has been in business since 1991. We are not a fly by night internet company that may not be here tomorrow.

How can the prices be so inexpensive?
A better question would be why do some companies charge so much? We don’t know. At NationWide we work hard to keep the process simple while offering the best possible product. We also don’t spend a large amount of money sending you catalogs and flyers in the mail. In the end the customer pays for these expenses through higher prices on products. Someone has to pay for all of that advertising. We also focus on what we are good at. There are a lot of things that we don’t do, but that allows us to concentrate our efforts on being the best. And because NationWide is the best you will experience great quality and fast turnaround at a better price than other companies. On the other hand if it makes you feel better to spend more money, just throw a few extra dollars in with your order and we will buy everyone here a pizza. Thanks in advance.

Is the NationWide quality good? Is there a standard to which you hold?
Our quality is unmatched, and yes we have a standard. We actually hold ourselves to multiple standards. Our printing is to SWOP standards and our CD/DVD replication is to ISO standards. SWOP is a printing standard set by the printing industry to measure several aspects of printing quality on a press sheet. Things like ink density, slurring, offseting, and other technical issues are reviewed in an effort to produce the best possible printed piece. Most people are aware of ISO. This is an industry association and standard used to insure quality manufactured products. At NationWide we won’t ever take shortcuts on quality.