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Speaker Co-op Training Program Sampler

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  • You & Me: A New Business Model – 67% of American Employees do not like their jobs or where they work. In this talk, Kenda-Le Pernin shares how to create a transformed organization in which employees, customers, shareholders, and the entire community win. This model creates a culture of collaboration, cooperation, and responsibility.
  • Stress Management with Ease – This session from Pat Alva-Kraker is for the busy professional woman searching for an easy way to deal with the daily stresses of life and career. Pat guides attendees to discover their specific stress triggers that show up as beliefs and behaviors. They will take away a plan to address their triggers, and a tool bag of stress management and relaxation tools.
  • 5 Surefire Methods to Maximizing Your Time – In this talk, Virginia Wells uses her experience working with the Army, Air Force, and Marines to teach attendee specific skills they can use right away to get more out of each day, becoming more productive week after week.
  • SALES CHECK-UP: Prescription for Healthy SalesDebbie Mrazek, author of The Field Guide to Sales, “grew up” in the technology industry back in the good ol’ days of selling for many different manufacturing companies. In this talk, she opens the books on successful sales processes to transform bottom line results.
  • Dancing Naked: Claiming your Power as a Conscious Leader – From her book of the same name, Lori Darley shows others how to direct their energy to ground their commitments and take a powerful stand for what is most important to them. She is seasoned in the needs of a full range of decision-makers, and works extensively with C-suite executives in many industries, from multi-national corporations, to entrepreneurial ventures and individuals in non-profits, manufacturing, financial services, management consulting, commercial real estate, and the arts.
  • 9 Secrets to Healthy Travel with John Ayo – This presentation will help you reduce stress, sleep better, and stay balanced while traveling by focusing on natural/healthy choices that you can make while on the road. This talk is especially for those who work on the road and can’t afford to be stuck in their hotel room bed.
  • What I Learned about Life by Scaling Mount Rainier– In this inspiring journey, JoAnne Marceau teaches insights on being Unstoppable that she gained on her climb, including the ‘code’ to clarifying and fulfilling personal and professional vision.
  • Double Your Productivity Using Proven Brain-Based Learning Strategies – Imagine being able to spice up your existing presentations with new information that makes them irresistible. Also Imagine increasing productivity, increasing profits, and having more time to do the things you love. Howard Berg, the World’s Fastest Reader, reveals his super-fast learning strategies for zipping through information at blazing fast speed, yet retaining the information, so you can accomplish these and much, much more.
  • 5 Steps to Having Your Best Day Ever!with Cindy Baccus – Tired of showing up to work grumpy, unorganized, and unhappy? Dread calling clients or meeting a new group of people? This step-by-step guide will show the audience how have a great day every day, to set better priorities, make time go further, ace every interaction, be their smartest selves, strengthen personal impact, be resilient to setbacks, and boost energy and enjoyment. Not only will this boost job satisfaction, but also performance at work.

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