Results Program

The Results Program is ONLY for Serious Business Professionals who want to:

  • Get in front of more audiences

  • Promote themselves

  • Promote their products & services

  • Attract More Prospects

  • Make More Money

  • Speak to Get Paid

This Program is by Invitation Only.

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Some Testimonials:

If you are looking to grow your speaking engagements and the publicity of your message, talk to Jeff . . . Kenda-Le Pernin, Consultant at Mark Kamin & Associates

Jeff is dedicated to helping you achieve GREAT results. His care and expertise is invaluable and he helps make my business more profitable.” Cindy L. Herb, Joyful Survivor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, & Coach

Jeff is an excellent choice to help any person who wants to make money speaking. – Cindy Baccus, Speaker & Coach

Over the last two years, I have been through two PR agencies and one speaking agency with each one promising booked speaking events, interviews, and of course product sales. Not only were no events or interviews booked in over two years, there was never one time where business speaking development was offered from any of the companies I used. I thought this was normal and how things went with speaking agencies until I met Jeff Klein. With Jeff, the exact opposite happened. The very first day he provided me with a two-hour training video which taught me very practically and quickly, everything I didn’t know about business speaking. Not even 15 minutes into this video, I thought, “Wow! I can’t believe how far behind I have been for the last two years.” But I also felt a great relief and a newfound confidence because it was very obvious that Jeff knew exactly what he was doing and I had finally found the way to advance in my business speaking. And the best part is…after 1 week, Jeff had booked me for a radio interview and three speaking events and according to Jeff, we haven’t even started yet.” – Bobby Whisnand, Fitness Coach

  Results Program
Who is this Program for? Business and Public Speakers ready to position themselves in the marketplace to accelerate the business they generate from Speaking Engagements.
Benefits 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions.
  Expert Review of Your Marketing Materials.
  Speaker Co-op Staff Makes Outbound Sales Calls to Get You Speaking Engagements.
  Build Your Audience Locally, Regionally, Nationally, or Internationally.
  Speaker Co-op Promotes Your Products & Services Directly to Your Target Prospects.
  Assistance Creating Information Products that further your Brand and Your Mission
Your Price
$3,000 for Intake, Strategy, & Training, then a Monthly Retainer for Booking, plus Commissions on Results.

Financing is Available

Star-at-MicrophonePlease DO NOT Press a Payment Button unless you have received an Invitation to Enter the Results Program along with a Letter of Agreement with your name on it.

*The Results Program requires entering into a Letter of Agreement with Jeff Klein dba Speaker Co-op.

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We reserve the right to decline someone joining this membership by refunding their money.