Speak to Leave Your Legacy

Is retirement looming? What’s next?

Retirement sounds great! Days without the phone ringing off the hook. Days without endless emails that you have to answer. Days without a constant stream of appointments, people coming and going, keeping that smile on your face all day Long.

But how long do you think it will take for you to get bored? You are an expert. You spent years or decades guiding people using your expertise. What’s it going to be like when no one relies on you anymore?

You have way too much to offer the world to not record your legacy. We need to learn from you.

You can share your genius as often as you like or as seldom as you like by speaking at conferences and offering your book of your story. Speak to leave your legacy is a program design just for you. We customize based on your expertise, help you craft your Keynote address, get your book written, and get you on stages, both down the street and Across the world. You can choose to speak only three times a year or two or three times a month. It’s entirely up to you. But at the end of our program you’ll have a talk, and a book, and all the marketing materials to sell both.

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