Like a Sherpa Guiding Climbers up the Mountain, Jeff Klein Offers Laser Focused Mentoring to Guide Speakers to Their Own Peaks.

Jeff Klein, Speaker.

Jeff is dedicated to helping you achieve GREAT results. His care and expertise is invaluable and he helps make my business more profitable. – Cindy L. Herb, Joyful Survivor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, & Coach

Jeff is an excellent choice to help any person who wants to make money speaking. – Cindy Baccus, Speaker & Coach

Jeff Klein goes beyond providing business advice and tailoring your business message. He also provides you with connections and is an awesome supporter in your endeavors. I recommend getting to know Jeff! – Alicia White, Branding Strategist


My name is Jeff Klein, and I’ve been coaching professional and business speakers since 2006. When you work with me, you become more confident with your presentation and learn techniques to achieve YOUR goals.

Deciding to work with me is easy. But it does take practice and coaching on both soft and hard skills that you may not be using as effectively as you could be. If you’re ready to take your speaking and presenting to the next level, contact me right away to get on my calendar. We can work in person or online via web conference.

Speaking is the fastest way to grow your business, and if you’re not getting the results you want every time you speak – it’s time to improve your game. Discover how when you work with me.

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Let’s start with a complementary 30-minute phone call to assess each other.

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