Resource Membership

Who is this for?

Businesses that serve Business and Public Speakers with products and services.

For Example: Copy Editors, Website Developers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Printers, A/V Equipment, CD/DVD Production, etc.

An Online Presence Promoting YOU and Your Expertise.

  • Includes Banner on Resources for Speakers page.
  • Profile Page, Description, Links, & Contact Info.
  • Exposure to Hundreds of Business and Public Speakers.
  • Chance to be Featured on an Ask the Experts Zoom.
  • Another place online for customers to find & buy YOU.
  • Opportunities to Offer Affiliate Programs.
  • Exposure to thousands in-person at Events and Expos when Speaker Co-op exhibits on your behalf.
  • Potential to present at Speaker Co-op events.

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