The Speak Up For Tolerance Summit – on this #InternationalDayofTolerance we’re inviting speakers to share their stories of triumphs over intolerance.
The only way to defeat intolerance is to drag it into the light and shine that light on it.
Our Goal for year one of this event is to raise $1,800 for ADL, the Anti-Defamation League.
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Roster of Speakers

9:05 Jose Angel Pereira Ruimwyk – Survivor of Citgo6 – 5 years hostage in Venezeula

9:20 Raja Vaidya – World Class Martial Artist, Speaker, Coach, & Actor

9:40 Termite Watkins – Speaker, Boxer, & Trainer for the Iraqi Olympic Boxing Team after Occupation.

10 Saylor Cooper – Entrepreneur, Podcaster, & Speaker

10:20 Gini Trask – Entrepreneur, Speaker Coach, & Speaker

10:40 Sara Nakamura – Well-Being Consultant, StressXpert, International Best Selling Author, & Speaker

11 Wanda la Russa – Women’s Positivity Coach & Speaker

11:20 Judy Wong – International Speaker, Actress, & Coach

11:40 Charles Hamm – Marine Sergeant (R), Texas Cowboy, 3x International Bestselling Author, TV Star, & Speaker

Noon Jeff Klein – Speaker & Speaker Coach

12:25 Fini

Please Donate to Support Our Cause.

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