9 Laws

Speaking As a Business Strategy: The 9 Laws to Get Clients From the Front of the Room

A forthcoming book by

Jeff Klein


Law One: Give Value First

Law Two: No Such Thing As a Free Speech

Law Three: Just Do It

Law Four: Tell True Stories

Law Five: Make a Deal You Can Live With (But, They Can’t Live Without)

Law Six: Create Info Products

Law Seven: Offer an Experience

Law Eight: Ask for Engagement

Law Nine: Have Fun



Would you like to learn how to book over 50 speaking engagements a year, and sell to your audience 90% of the time?

Lots of people call themselves speakers. Most of them are thinking about Public Speaking. Public Speakers are focused on Speaker Fees and building an audience. They think of people like Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar (of blessed memory,) and John Maxwell.

I don’t actually think of Zig Ziglar as a Public Speaker. I think he was a Business Speaker. He spoke so he could sell his audio and video products and so people would buy his books and sign up for his classes. And he was a master at it.

What do I mean by Business Speaker? Business Speakers speak as exposure; As a Marketing Strategy; As a path to new clients. A Business Speaker is someone who has a job title that has nothing to do with speaking. Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants, Doctors, and other subject-matter experts can grow their client base by becoming Business Speakers.

So can Artists, Landscapers, Architects, and Proctologists. I believe any subject matter expert (and what professional isn’t an expert in their field?) can use Business Speaking to get more customers, grow their business, and increase their revenue.

You don’t have to want to have a career as a speaker. That was my path. This book is all about using speaking to further your current career. Business Speakers are not looking to change their job title.

But I have discovered there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. Good ways and better ways to get to the goal line quicker; And make bigger goals.