Alla Bardov

Selected Speaker’s Topics:

  • The Confidence Paradox: How to Build Confidence and Create Unprecedented Results
  • Beyond Elevator Pitches: How to Introduce Yourself in Style
  • Getting to a “YES”: How to improve the follow-up activities to get the outcome you want
  • Ignite Sales Results: How to use the proven 4 P’s system in your sales process

Alla Bardov, Founder of “Sell Yourself For Success,” utilizes sales education to help organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals optimize each stage of the sales process to achieve and sustain extraordinary results.

Drawing on over three decades in corporate America, retail entrepreneurship, sales, and training, it’s her experience that sales skills offer universal applicability, cutting across professions and industries. 

Alla’s signature program, “Ignite Your Results,” focuses initially on building confidence—a crucial trait she learned to value firsthand, that elevates and sets apart individuals beyond their qualifications or levels of success. Her quest to define confidence-building fundamentals started early in life, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Alla’s bestselling book Get Out of the Rabbit Hole and accompanying workbook, available on Amazon, is a guide for how to build Confidence to Overcome Self-Doubt, Improve Performance, and Reach One’s Ultimate Potential. 

Through her relentless philanthropic efforts, Alla aims to change the lives of underprivileged youth via her work with Nancy Lieberman Charities.
She’s been married to Louis for 34 years, and they are proud parents to three wonderful kids.