Booking Agency

Booking a Speaker is a Collaborative Process. It’s not just picking up the phone and cold calling a list of leads.
To do well, it requires:
  • Training
  • Experience
  • Connections
  • Proven Scripts
  • Powerful Relationships
  • A Network of Resources
Speaker Co-op Members ARE NOT automatically clients of the Booking Agency. This is a separate entity that is affiliated with


Speaker Co-op Booking Clients are a small cadre of Selected Speakers who go through a Vetting Process and we do our Due Diligence to make sure that they have the Qualifications to be Bookable and the Training and Experience to get results from the stage once they show up at the Speaking Engagement, whether in person or virtually.


Members of the Speaker Co-op Booking Agency have agreed to pay commissions on their Speaker Fees AND their Back-of-the-Room Sales, which often (and SHOULD) exceed their Speaker Fees. In other words, this is a Results-Oriented Group of Speaking Professionals.


If you’re interested in becoming part of this Elite Cadre of Speakers that are the Selected Members of the Speaker Co-op Booking Agency, make an appointment using this link for an exploratory conversation.


Becoming a Client of the Speaker Co-op Booking Agency requires entering into a Letter of Agreement for a minimum agreed-upon period of time. This Contract will be negotiated between the parties before any engagements will begin. Some relationships will include coaching before and during the time period of the booking services to ensure the best chances of success for all parties.