Brandon Powell

Speaker’s Selected Topics:

  • 5 Secrets to Increase the Value of Your Brand
  • The Three Pillars Of Your Business Foundation
  • How To Develop Quality Business Partnerships
  • How To Network Like A Pro
  • How To Understand Your Client’s Needs Better Than They Do

Brandon Powell is a business therapist with The Business Therapy Firm. He thoroughly enjoys teaching and empowering his clients to maximize their revenue earning potential. He enjoys the fact that his business model is scalable; so whether he is working with a Chamber Of Commerce or an aspiring entrepreneur, he customizes the process to yield the best results.

Branding, when done properly, preserves your core values in the market. Most people’s first interaction with your company won’t be with a warm handshake with you or seeing directly how courteous and kind you are to customers. They see your flyer, business card, and other print collateral and if it doesn’t depict those same values the market will likely form a negative conclusion about your company. Brandon believes that professional branding ensures the experience is consistent.”