Carl Flowers

Selected Speaker Topics include:

  • The Spirits of Success – The words and actions of the Founders of the United States are still relevant today. Hear how the beliefs of the Founders became a force stronger than the best armies in the world. Listen to the words that motivated the citizens of the 13 colonies and unified them into one nation. Learn the leadership secrets that enabled ordinary people to turn the world upside down.
  • 7 Worst Communication Blunders in Business and How to Avoid Them – Surveys of top corporate executives tell us that the two most valuable traits for hiring and advancement are good
  • communication skills and a positive attitude. Yet many employees and managers continue to fall prey to simple communication errors that can be easily rectified. Improve your communications skills and move ahead!
  • Follow the Leader – Who’s following whom? – How can we inspire and lead employees in today’s fast-paced, electronic culture? What are the principles of leadership that work in creating a successful work environment? Learn the simple and practical methods to change your leadership style, and thereby change your results.
  • Capitalism, Free Enterprise and Profit – Why it works – A practical look at American business and the economy – how it works, why it works, and how it made the United States an exceptional nation. Information you can use at home and work to improve your personal economy.
  • The Top Ten Toughest Conversations with Employees and How to Handle Them – Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to work with employees and co-workers to minimize drama in the workplace and to improve productivity and morale.

Carl Flowers has been educating and entertaining audiences for over 35 years, and he has a proven history of helping organizations and individuals grow. As senior executive for BeautiControl Cosmetics, he was instrumental in building that business from less than 1,000 representatives and $1 million in sales in 1983 to nearly 100,000 representatives and over $200 million in retail sales in 2004.

As a speaker and trainer, Carl has traveled across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom speaking on a variety of topics.

As an independent contractor for several national training organizations — including Fred Pryor Seminars/ CareerTrack, Elevate USA, Encore Life Skills, and Texas State Technical College, — he has conducted over 1,000 one-day management seminars and has consistently earned high approval ratings from both audiences and corporate clients.

Carl’s style of training is both interactive and entertaining. Attendees are involved with the content and each other from the first moments of the seminar. Typical comments from attendees and corporate clients:

  • “He kept me engaged throughout the day. We were never bored.”
  • “…very practical. I left with specific plans and the words to use.”
  • “…down-to-earth, real-life examples, with solutions for common problems.”
  • “We even had homework to practice the skills we learned!”
  • “Loved it! I’d attend any session Carl teaches.”

Carl has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech & Mass Communications from the University of Illinois as well as additional training in entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University.

He has trained at a variety of businesses & organizations including, Energy – Oil & Gas, Manufacturing & Engineering Companies, Healthcare Providers, Financial & Accounting Firms, Government and Social Agencies, Military Installations, and Educational Institutions.