Cathrine Hatcher

Catherine Hatcher’s Speaking Topics:

  • Assessing Non-Verbal Language – Subliminal messages are given and received by all of us. Those around you can pick up on your attitude and gage what they think are your real intentions from looking at your body language. Discover how to focus on bringing out the good parts of you, especially if you have acquired some bad body habits or insecurities.
  • What’s Your “R Quotient”? R = Relationship! – “People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust” Perry Belcher. At Personas Image Dynamics, we refer to this as the “R Quotient”. From an Image perspective, there are many things we can do to increase our ability to attain and retain clients. Learn how to quickly be more Relatable, how to enhance your Rapport with others and build successful Relationships.
  • What Your Image Is REALLY Saying About You In The Social Media World – Today, marketing ourselves online is critical to the success of our businesses. Online, we have shorter and shorter attention spans … the average is about 5-9 seconds mainly because we have so many options and many of us have no time to search for needed information. Learn how to design your site for greater impact by using color and visual aids. You will Learn what type of profile pic works best for you and how much and what type of pictures communicate the best messages.

Cathrine Hatcher is a Professional Speaker, Image Communications Expert, Color Coach and Founder of Personas Image Dynamics. Cathrine works with individuals and with companies who want to offer their customers and/or sales associates top-notch training that leads to improving outward appearance, inner presence and the ability to communicate effectively by aligning the non-verbal messages we project with our verbal messages. She coaches presenters on how to gauge the audience’s non-verbal messages to give them the ability to react and transform their presentations in a meaningful way. Cathrine is a graduate of the London Image Institute and a certified Image Consultant.