Charlotte Canion

Selected Speaker Topics:

  • How to Laugh to Keep From Crying: How to Parent Your Parents – “About 10 years ago my live-in Father-in-law developed dementia, at the same time my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and unknown to me at that time my Father was in the early stages of Parkinson’s. I speak to caregivers and teach them, among other things, how to journal to deal with stress, etc. I share anecdotes and advice to help others who are Parenting their Parents, build and reinforce happy memories by remembering to find humor during an otherwise arduous and often overwhelming end of life journey.”
  • Gardening Texas Style – As a Master Texas Gardener, Charlotte customizes this talk to each audience to educate and entertain about the variety of opportunities for gardening in the Lone Star State.

Charlotte Canion has been published in many magazines and several of her works are part of the Who Who’s in the Library of Congress in Washington DC.  “You Have To LAUGH To Keep From Crying/ How To Parent Your Parents” book is not only an Amazon Best Seller, but was awarded the BEST SELF-HELP in the State of Texaswhich led to her interview on “Good Morning Texas”.  Canion was just awarded, Empowered Woman of the Year by IAOTP.  She has written several short stories that are part of “Short Stories by Texas Authors” and “Angels on Earth” magazine. Canion is a Host on Indie Beacon Radio, where she interviews fellow authors.  Power Magazine wrote a full-page article on Canion and she was on the cover of the “SPEAKERS and Continuing Education” magazine.  Advancing her knowledge, she has completed the National Senior Caregivers Certification and NSA’s Professional Speakers Academy.   Reading, learning and always listening to the other experts are tools that keep Canion one of the most sought-after speakers.  She has just completed a children’s book intitled “Charlie is Looking for a Mate” and  “SPARKS  Ignite Your Way To Success” is her latest collaborative book that is also an Amazon Best Seller. Her mother always told her to “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and that is how Canion lives her life.