Cindy Herb

Cindy L. Herb

Cindy L. Herb speaks on:

  • Striving, Surviving and Thriving – Falling on Your Butt & Getting Back Up Every Time: All of us fall on our butt sometime in our lives, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. Cindy shares how she has fallen on her butt more than a dozen times, but has successfully risen back up.
  • The Power of Prevention – Protect Yourself from Predators: Predators are drawn to prey, regardless of age, race, religion or socioeconomic background. They are skilled at gaining your trust and you, as their intended victim, will usually know them quite well. Cindy teaches tips and tools to avoid becoming a victim.
  • Fly Like an Eagle – Discover Your Purpose in Life: Many people question their life’s purpose, especially after enduring something very painful or surviving a horrific event. Any number of things can trigger the question. This thought-provoking lecture offers some simple solutions, taking you on a journey to discover your individual purpose in life.
  • Overcome Adversity and Find Your Joy: Have you lost your happiness due to experiencing life’s adversity? Find out how to overcome the pain of hardship and unleash the joy within.
  • Controlling Your Life – Finding Solutions When Life is Not Working: Sometimes life is not as idyllic as you once imagined. Many of us are unhappy, feeling unloved, depressed, unfulfilled, angry, or all alone. Cindy takes you on a journey to discover solutions with this uplifting and informative talk designed to enhance your spiritual experience.
  • Journaling to Heal Pain: During her life, Cindy L. Herb has overcome many horrific events, including a childhood rape at the age of nine. After meeting a shaman in 2007, she began journaling her painful childhood experiences. Listen and be inspired by her story and discover how journaling can be an effective tool in healing.
  • Raped or Sexually Abused – How to Get Your Joy Back: The emotional trauma caused from rape or sexual abuse can have a devastating effect. Cindy talks about how to deal with the trauma and return to a place of joy and happiness.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes, that story is not pleasant. How do you overcome obstacles or conquer any story of adversity in your life? Let Cindy help you go from surviving to thriving joyfully!

Is it possible to find joy and peace, despite your circumstances? Cindy L. Herb helps others find joy by assisting them in overcoming their story of adversity. Cindy L. Herb is no longer haunted or burdened with guilt and shame by the events of her life. Indirectly, this has helped her work a more constructive path. She now, as a healed rape victim and survivor, passionately advocates a way to overcome obstacles and understand adverse events that may have occurred in people’s lives. Based upon her personal discoveries, she shares the knowledge that no matter your circumstance, there is a way to overcome life’s tribulations. Virtually anyone can benefit from her message.

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