David Munson Jr

David Munson Speaks on These Topics:

  • Get Real: A Positive Solution to Climate Change – This talk will revolutionize your understanding of the global climate issue. Adapting land management practices to a holistic and regenerative model, David lays out in plain words how industry and individuals can continue using oil and natural gas, but changes the game with his tangible program of remineralizing the soil and making the earth carbon negative.
  • Critical years (0 to 3) and how to make them count for life – David shares his core competency on intervention and education of the very young (0 to 3) to make positive life changes that transform young lives.
  • Real World Wealth Management – David brings 30 years of wealth management insight to offer audiences.
  • Charitable Giving Works – David offers the experience of  20 years of foundation board membership to share with groups about how to integrate Charity into your business and your life.
  • Not Your Grandfather’s Estate Planning – As the fourth generation of a successful family David knows how to do implement effective estate planning. He presents in way to overcome fear and intimidation.

David brings a life of varied business and personal experiences to speak with you. Having been successful and blessed with good fortune, he is devoted to helping his fellow man thru philanthropy and public speaking for causes he believes in. Foremost of these areas is intervention and education of the very young (0 to 3) to make positive life changes. Sharing the success story of Educational First Steps transforming young lives is a core topic. Sharing this story with a variety of groups offers practical tips for the parents and opportunities for charitable groups to help grow the program.

As he is the fourth generation of a successful family, he also is well educated to speak on multi-generational wealth generation and protection. Too often successful people don’t prepare their children for inheriting or being given substantial funds.   He brings firsthand knowledge of the ways and means to succeed and sustain. Luck, foresight, along with self-restraint are the keys to success for everyone. Wealth and wealth management are near universal topics for a variety of groups. He comes from a place of humility and gratitude to guide his speaking. Having worked and lived in many different environments, from the rose garden of the White House to the back of a hay hauling truck, he brings a full and complex life to his speeches.

With 18 years of service as a foundation board member, he can also speak definitely on charity management, trust creation and operation, as well as the joy of giving.

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