Dora Islamovic

Dora Islamovic Speaks on These Topics:

  • Operations Happens Whether I Like It Or Not – Too many business owners get lost in the weeds and the daily tasks. Success only comes with thinking outside of the box and expanding your business by implementing automated systems and putting procedures in place. Dora draws from her deep experience to offer tools attendees can use right away to exponentially improve their businesses.
  • Did You Start A Company or Just Buy A Job? – Dora has seen time and time again business owners working harder than ever in their new business without actually running their operations. The Entrepreneurial Spirit is about building something, not being buried in tasks. This talk is all about the advantages of reaching that vision of a successful future.
  • Business Operations: The 7 Differences Between Working ON Your Business and IN Your Business – The old cliché about not seeing the forest for the trees happens every day to business owners and managers. It’s easy to get bogged down by to-do lists and putting out fires and pushing crucial plans to another day. In this talk, Dora helps create benchmarks and strategies to make sure businesspeople manage growth instead of staying buried in minutia.
  • 12 Ways to Increase Revenue without Losing Your Staff or Your Mind – When growing a business, we discover we can’t be all things to all people. So we learn to delegate and outsource. Dora empowers business owners and management with real world tools that help manage staff and operations and build leaders and teams.
  • We Only Live Once: 7 Methods To Make it Count; Taking the Risk to Be Your Best – In life and in business, those that succeed make it a habit of sticking their necks out; standing out from the crowd by being different. Dora teaches the benefits of smart, strategic risk taking. She shares ways to take calculated risks with a stronger outcome when implemented.
  • Splitting Yourself Up: The 7 Necessary COO Personalities – There’s a reason successful businesses have a Chief Operating Officer. Different COO’s are required for different situations. Sometimes we have to take on more than one of these personalities to foster success. Dora talks about the 7 key roles you or your COO may have to take on to benefit your organization.

Born in the Deep South and raised in California, Dora grew up around, and learned from, a plethora of leaders. Throughout High School, College, and Graduate School she surrounded herself with scholars and mentors.

For four years, she was the Chief Operating Officer for twelve of the fastest growing healthcare and franchise companies in the Mississippi Delta, where she was responsible for the company’s daily operations and growth throughout the Southern states.

Dora has often been referred to as the Motivator in Stealth Mode for her Consulting skills that bring out the best in people. She’s also been lauded for her practical street-savvy style. Her ability to fuse real-life testimonials along with her conversational and approachable demeanor connect with clients and audiences on an intimate, intense, and individual level. She revels in challenging the status quo, asking business professionals, “Would you do business with yourself?”

She has logged an innumerable amount of business hours coaching, speaking, and wading knee-deep in the trenches with applicable business experiences. Her view is radically different. Dora candidly shares with listeners that business leadership is a moment-to-moment choice and not about job title or possessions.

Dora excels in focusing on business operations, leadership, success strategies, and leaving a legacy.