Dr Mort Orman

Dr. Mort Orman Speaks on These Topics:

  • How To Become A Low Stress Person In A High Stress World – According to Dr. Orman, “We keep suffering from stress not because modern life is stressful, but because we misunderstand what stress really is, what causes it to occur, and what we can do about it.”  Learn how to get free of these limitations in this highly enlightening, life-changing talk.
  • 10 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Stress – If your audience believes, as most people do, that the best way to deal with stress is to learn how to manage it, then this talk will change and improve their thinking forever!
  • The Ultimate Method For Dealing With Stress – In this talk Dr. Orman shares his breakthrough formula for handling every type of stress you might ever encounter.
  • The Secret To Eliminating Stress Without Having To Manage It – Learn about the big secret everyone is missing when it comes to trying to get rid of stress in their lives. It’s a secret most people have never heard about before, and it is also poorly understood by most stress experts as well.

For over 30 years, Dr. Mort Orman, has helped thousands of professionals, business owners, corporate executives, and many other high performers drastically lower their stress levels, both personal and professional, without using drugs, relaxation, or other time-consuming stress management techniques.

His programs are ideally suited for delivery online, over the phone, or in person, such as at conferences, group meetings, retreats, spas, vacation settings, or even on a cruise ship.

Dr. Orman is founder of The Stress Mastery Academy and the creator of Stress Mastery: The Board Game. He’s the author of over 15 books on the secrets of living a low stress life in a high stress world. He has also served as the official sponsor of National Stress Awareness Month, held every April in the U.S. since 1982.

Born and raised in Baltimore, he graduated from Duke University, and The University of Maryland Medical School. He practiced internal medicine in Baltimore for 23 years and then spent 15 years as a medical director in a highly stressful corporate work environment.

Dr. Orman specializes in creating advanced wellness programs, as well as providing both group and individualized coaching services that are life-changing and go way beyond traditional health and wellness offerings.

He is happily married to Christina, a Veterinarian, and they have one daughter. When not speaking or teaching about stress, he enjoys reading, writing, and playing a stress-free round of golf.