Elizabeth Mahusay

Selected Speaker’s Topics:

  • Creative Prospecting – Ask any person who fishes and they will tell you that it is way more fun when you know where the fish are biting! All too often, as professionals we are “fishing for prospects” in ponds without any fish. Learn creative ideas for prospecting waters that will fill your pipeline with warm referrals!”
  • Break the Cycle of Procrastination – Learn about the three types of procrastination, how to break the cycle of fear that leads us to procrastinate, and cultivate a take action mindset.
  • Transformational Thinking – Learn the 5 Step process to reject the lies that hold you back and cultivate right thinking to excel in life and business.
  • 6 Words That Can Change Your Life – Faith-based teaching on Ephesians 1:3-7.
  • Communication Connection – Learn 4 key communication skills that will improve how you send and receive communication.
  • Failing Forward – Adapted from John Maxwell’s Failing Forward, learn that failure is inevitable, it can be good, and it can make us better when we think about it correctly.
  • Focus on Finding Food – Adapted from John Gordon’s book, The Shark and the Goldfish, learn 6 steps to break free from the bureaucratic mindset so you can embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

Elizabeth graduated with a chemistry and master’s degree, and she quickly found that her first sales job was convincing high schoolers they could excel in a challenging subject. Elizabeth is an expert in thought transformation and believes that right thinking is the foundation for success. Throughout her career, she’s trained thousands of people to overcome negative thinking while implementing proven systems that create a growth environment. Author of two books, Elizabeth is a sales and leadership coach with Southwestern Consulting.