Ethan Fisher

Selected Topic Titles:

  • Life Consequences: A Tale of Redemption – Ethan uses his own life story to illustrate the devastating consequences of mental health stigma and substance abuse, while spreading a message of accountability and self-care. Audiences learn valuable life lessons and be inspired to reflect on their choices and decisions.
  • Pyramid of Purpose – Ethan walked a difficult path to find his purpose in life.  He has distilled his hard-learned lessons into an approachable framework for success. Audiences learn seven steps to get out of their own way, overcome obstacles, and channel their desires into achievements.
  • Life CONsequences – This talk has been booked over 600 times in schools, universities, corporations, rehabilitation facilities, and prisons. Ethan captivates audiences with his story of adversity and his techniques for channeling desire into purposeful action.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Promoting On-Campus Awareness and Intervention – Mental health and substance abuse issues often manifest before the age of 24, making early intervention critical for long-term success. Unfortunately, many students face these challenges unnoticed and untreated, which can lead to devastating consequences. The stigma surrounding diagnosis and treatment further lowers the likelihood of struggling students seeking help.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Promoting Workplace Awareness and Intervention – New hires and come to their jobs with mental health and substance abuse issues. Early intervention is critical for long-term success. With proper training, the corporate community can learn to identify and intervene appropriately and save lives and contribute to the overall community.
  • The 5 Keys 2 Student and Life Success – Ethan draws from his life experiences to inspire and motivate students. He teaches how implementing five simple keys into their daily lives can significantly improve academic performance, reduce absenteeism, and shape their futures as they desire.
  • The 5 Keys 2 Success – Ethan draws from his life experiences to inspire and motivate. He teaches how implementing five simple keys into our daily lives can significantly improve performance, increase engagement, reduce presenteeism, and increase the company’s bottom line.

Ethan Fisher is a raw and passionate speaker who shares his story about his struggles, through the art of storytelling. He aims to discuss the importance of the choices and decisions we make in our daily lives. His story has been featured in numerous publications, best-selling leadership books, newspaper articles, podcasts, and radio and television shows, including HLN/CNN. His life’s mission is to assist others in their journey towards a better life. Ethan’s experiences became a catalyst for his devotion to inspiring others.  He has spoken in hundreds of cities, motivating, and engaging over 250,000 audience members in less than 10 years to take hold of their lives and pursue their dreams.