Gini Trask

Selected Speaker Topics:

  • Is Your Superpower Actually Your Kryptonite?“You’re great at THAT!” Have you ever heard those words and felt a little twinge deep down? The truth is, you ARE brilliant, talented, and amazing. Sometimes, your superpower comes from this beautiful well of talent that you were born with; and, sometimes, that superpower comes from a more difficult place, a wound, a hardship, a trauma, which can make it like kryptonite to your long-term peace and sustainability.  In this talk, Gini discusses her walk through darkness to discover that the very things she thought were her superpowers were actually the coping mechanisms of a traumatized childhood. Through awareness, she was able to transform daily trauma at work into peace, joy, and nurturing her true talents and now she is passionate about helping others do the same. Get ready to embark on a journey of gentle self-realization that will provide real-life tactics for differentiating wounds from true talents, allowing you to step fully into your REAL superpowers!
  • Generation Why: How to Stop Hating Your Most Important Customers – Millennials get a bad rap from just about everyone, in this talk Gini will take a deep dive into the Millennial mindset and how to win over the generation that are soon to be their most important customers. Millennials simply will not do business “old school,” and in this talk she will discuss why and how to adapt business to win in the “new school.”
  • Solve it Forward: The WIN-WIN-WIN of Selling the Solution – In this talk Gini goes in depth on how to quickly identify the driving human need and position solutions to appeal to that need so to create a win for both company and client.
  • Psychic Solutions for Non-Psychic People: It’s Not What You Think – In this talk Gini will detail how to make their clients feel like they are a mind reader by giving exactly what their clients want, often before they have to ask. There is nothing better for a client than to feel that a company “really gets them” and when there is a problem, that the solution is even better than what they had expected.
  • Rock the Stage – Gini teaches speakers and aspiring speakers to create a talk that is clear, concise, and converts, learn the easiest ways to get paid on stage, map your talk to attract your Ideal Audience, and get your audience to lean in and say: “I Want That!”

Gini Trask was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated with a BA in Theater from the University of Northern Colorado. By that time Gini Trask was already an entrepreneur. She moved back to Texas and launched into partnership with her mother in a Bus Charter business that expanded to a multi-million dollars enterprise. Her ability to operate and grow companies to multi-millions of dollars in revenue for other people became the driving force for Gini Trask to start her own Company Top Tier Travel which has since become a multi-million-dollar success, creating one-of-a-kind incentives and experiences for tens of thousands of travelers in the corporate and network marketing space.

Throughout her professional life Gini has been sought after for her ability to make find solutions and facilitate outcomes as if by magic. Her attraction to running businesses in the travel, hospitality, and retail space and working with corporate and network marketing clients is their need for solutions are a win for both the customer and the company. Her turning point came when she realized that the need for solutions that bridge the gap was bigger than her small sphere of companies and clients. Everyone should understand how to create solutions that go beyond compromise. So, she set to bring her methods for “Solving Problems Forward” and “Creating a WIN WIN WIN” to the world at large.

Gini Trask now travels the world as a speaker and consultant helping companies and individuals to go beyond compromise to creating solutions that truly make everyone feel that they have “won”. She teaches the understanding of core needs, solving problems “forward”, and the super powers that can transform any issue into an opportunity to WIN.