Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein speaks on:

  • 30 Seconds to Success: Generating Referrals From Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch – Jeff has been teaching this since 2004 and has helped thousands generate more business from the time they spend at networking events and on sales calls.
  • Get Up and Speak: The 7 P’s to Effective Presentations – In this talk, Jeff shares how to be effective and to overcome the fear of public speaking. Whether it’s a sales presentation to 1 person or a keynote to thousands, the same principals apply.
  • The 7 Costly Mistakes Networkers Make – We network to find and cultivate business relationships to find strategic partners and clients. But are we networking correctly and maximizing our networking possibilities? Jeff shares what he’s learned in years as an active networker and a networking guru.
  • Chamber of Commerce – Plaque on the Wall or Source of Revenue? – Too many business owners see their Chamber membership as a civic obligation and don’t take advantage of the contacts and opportunities available. Imagine turning that Plaque on the Wall into Profits for Your Business!
  • Speaking As a Business Strategy – Positioning yourself as the Expert in the front of the room will drive revenue to any business. Practical speaking solutions from the Expert on Business Speaking.
  • Conversation Starters vs. Conversation Killers – How to tell people what you do so they want to know more. And tell their friends about you.
  • Identifying Your Ideal Target MembersMember recruiting for non-profits and trade associations using basic advertising techniques.
  • Public Speaking for Fun & Profit – The main reason people get nervous about public speaking is because they are unprepared. This talk offers actionable tools for people asked to speak. Whether it’s a business presentation, speech to a group, or educational talk, the lessons Jeff teaches will help.
  • Attracting Engagements: Bookings That Lead to Revenue – You can’t share your message effectively if you can’t get in front of the right audiences. Jeff shares the system he developed when he successfully booked 250 speaking engagements in 3 years. You don’t need to learn from your mistakes. It’s much less painful to learn from someone else’s.
  • The Speaker Success Checklist – There are things you know you need to succeed as a business or public speaker. And there are things you don’t know you need. Jeff shares the list that led to his success in sharing his message with tens of thousands of individuals.

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Jeff has been telling the world what other people do for over 30 years. Following a successful career in Advertising, Marketing, and Production, Jeff has been a sought after Public Speaker since 2004. He has enjoyed speaking over 600 times and reaching tens of thousands of professionals across North America.

Jeff helps his clients turn the right prospects into loyal customers, keep them happy, and tell their friends to become customers, too.

Jeff has received rave reviews speaking to trade associations, sales organizations, national conventions, corporate teams, and business groups. His individual and group programs assist professionals, who are responsible for generating revenue, create great opportunities to sell. His training programs include new messaging, maximizing business speaking opportunities, identifying valuable target prospects, creating campaigns to drive traffic, getting results through existing and new relationships, and creating language that attracts the people his clients want to meet.


Jeff is a very compassionate and giving person, who engages his audiences and gets them involved. After you hear him speak, you’re energized and ready to test these valuable and new found skills. – Jon Perry, Entrepreneur at DFW Card

Though I consider myself a rather good communicator, Jeff helped me realize that I was unintentionally saying things that either blurred, or were inconsistent with, my intended message. (Which I came to see wasn’t clear enough in the first place.) If you’re concerned about the quality and consistency of your messaging at all, or especially if you’re not, Jeff is your guy! – Chad King, Director of Sales at Cognoscape, LLC