Jonathan Peters

Jonathan Peters, Ph.D.

Jonathan Peters speaks on these topics:

  • Introducing Don’t Change Who They Are, Change Where They Are: Recruiting and Motivating the New Workforce – What motivates you, probably doesn’t motivate them. And no matter how hard you try to put the right person in the right job, or get them to be successful in the job they have, you feel like they aren’t hearing you. It all comes down to 16 Motivators. Once you understand the 16 Motivators, you’ll be able to work with people and predict their behavior. Better yet, you won’t be wasting your breath.
  • Cavemen Can’t Market: WOO Customers Instead of EWing Them – In the old days, companies pounded their message over their prospects heads. And those methods no longer work. In this presentation, Jonathan not only exposes why Cavemen don’t fit into the current business and consumer environment, but he also maps a three-stage process to WOO our prospects, develop loyal customers, and lead your team to apply the latest in marketing approaches.
  • WOO Selling – Imagine prospects wanting your product… They’re coming to you, instead of you doggedly chasing after them. Imagine learning techniques that not only make you attractive to prospects, but that also convert them into long-term and loyal customers. Perhaps now is the time to commit to change, and begin to enjoy the rewards of top salespeople. It’s easy to implement a few key strategies, apply simple persuasion techniques,  to attract customers into a conversation that evolves naturally into a significant relationships.
  • Present, Persuade, Profit – Whether speaking to clients, presenting before potential clients, or simply sharing a message that needs to be heard, your team must understand the principles of persuasive presentations. Learn to compel audiences to take action and make changes. How will you construct your presentation so that audience not only listen, but take action? What few simple things can you do visually and physically to cause the to listen and applaud?
  • Be Read: Copywriting that Attracts, Connects, and Get’s Results – Do the words in your marketing collateral grab your readers and guide them to take the actions you’re wanting? You might think that writing is a talent you’re born with, but don’t buy into the myth. Writing clear, compelling copy is a skill that can be taught and learned. In this seminar you’ll learn, step by step, how to shape your message and organize your words. Forget about what you were taught in school; this program shares the secrets of the most successful copywriters. Learn to write the way they write, and witness the results.
  • Be Correct: Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading! – One typo can destroy a message, ruin a reputation, or cause a loss of opportunity. Misunderstanding and not knowing a grammatical rule can make us look silly, stupid, or incompetent. The good news is you don’t have to sit through a boring grammar class to refresh your grammatical knowledge or learn how language has changed since high-school. A workshop that makes proofreading and grammar fun? You bet. This program is based on the latest research on how adults learn. It’s fast-moving, so you stay interested. It’s engaging, so you learn by doing. And it’s fun, so you happily give it your all.
  • Be Read: Advanced Business Writing – What you learned in high school doesn’t apply to the real world. When was the last time your wrote a five-paragraph essay on what you did for summer vacation? If you write the way you were taught, you’ll confuse your team, lose customers, and bore potential customers. We used to focus on grammar and proper structure, but writing is a visual form of communication with music in the background. Literally, how we write it is more important than the message we want to convey.
  • Unlearn what you were taught in school to create copy that your boss, team, customers, and potential customers will read. This full-day seminar give tricks, tips, and techniques you didn’t learn in school. There are ways to get people to read what you write. Learn them.
  • Be Recognized: Book 2B Booked – When you are an author, you are THE authority. This seminar helps you become the obvious expert with your own book. Few things establish authority more easily and cheaply than a book. Participants in this seminar learn writing techniques and promotion tips to make sure you are the recognized authority in your field.
  • Be Recognized: Book 2B Books as a self-publisher – This seminar may be incorporated in the first Book 2B Booked seminar, or it may be offered as a separate educational experience for those who have a manuscript ready and a clear marketing plan. Once the realm of people who could not make it in the real publishing world, self-publishing is now the most profitable method of producing your book.
  • Be Heard: Make Sure Your Prospects are Listening – This half-day, full-day, or two-day seminar explains the fundamentals of presenting ourselves visually to our customers and potential customers. Learn the secrets of room position and the hand motions that keep your audience involved in what your are saying. The two-day seminar gives participants the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned and receive immediate feedback from their audience.
  • Be Heard in the Office – This seminar gives supervisors and mid-level managers insights into what motivates and de-motivates their team. More than a basic management seminar, participants learn how to use their position in the room, body language, tone, even wording techniques to get their teams to not only perform, but to also want to perform.
  • Be Heard by Your Customers – Much of customer service is perception. This seminar instructs front-line and customer service professionals on the art of finessing customers, especially in moments of crisis and complains. Participants learn skills to avoid caving to customer demands; even better, they learn how to get customers to agree to a compromise and feel good about it. Your goal is to keep the customers you have, and to intensify their loyalty to your organization.

Jonathan Peters, Ph.D. is a recognized trainer and writer with an emphasis in business communications. If it involves words, it involves him.

He has trained thousands of people across the country. His audiences have learned better presentation skills, improved their business communications, beefed-up their writing and document designs, boosted their management skills, even increased their reading rates and memory retention.

As a writer, Dr. Peters has written everything from a fourth-grade history textbook to the technical manual for the command-and-control system for a nuclear weapons plant that may or may not exist. He has been involved in a variety of writing projects, including marketing copy, web content, and book summaries. Dr. Peters has authored 5 books under his name and ghostwritten 16 others.

As a writing instructor, Dr. Peters has worked with corporations as well as universities. He has given corporate training in business writing, consulted with companies on marketing copy and documentation processes, and teaches senior-level business writing courses at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
During his doctoral studies, Dr. Peters became interested in how the new sciences influence our culture. He is now excited about what the emerging science of networks says about how we conduct our social lives and our businesses.