Julia Vaughan

Selected Speaker’s Topics:

  • The Trifecta of Never Giving Up 
  • Breaking Through the Baggage 
  • Finding Freedom in Life’s Storms
  • Positive Internal Environment 

When Julia suffered a sudden stroke in 2016, she did what most people don’t.  She refused to let it defeat her, even as she spent the next 6 months learning the basics of reading, writing, eating, talking and walking all over again. Determined to keep a positive environment, Julia dedicated herself to the study of the mind and brain, and is now proud to serve as a Resilience Speaker and Brain Performance Trainer.

After suffering another traumatic brain injury, and the sudden loss of her adult son, Julia is a living testimony to the fact that without a positive internal environment, we don’t stand a chance against the onrush of life’s unexpected storms.

Julia has a Bachelors in Psychology and Life Coaching, Masters in Human Service Counseling: Life Coaching, is certified as a Maxwell leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and as a Brain Health Professional through Amen University.

Obsessed with helping others define and achieve their legacies, Julia works with individuals to identify their passions, gifts, and purpose and uses proven tools and techniques to help them align those with their strengths.

When Julia is not helping others achieve living legacy status, you can her spending time with her family in Louisville, Kentucky, or near the water listening to a book.