Keith Shaw

Selected Speaker Topics:

  • Communication Is PRIME! (Taking Communication To The Next Level) – Communication is one of the most important and impactful skills we can develop as a leader.  It is important that we are intentional about improving this fundamental skill.  Coach Keith will show you systems and frameworks that will improve you and your team’s ability to communicate more effectively. In this session, attendees are provided with Frameworks that simplify communication, Confidence in their ability to handle difficult conversations, and Tips, tools and techniques they can use immediately.
  • Leadership Reimagined! (Focus. Accelerate. Serve. Transform) – In today’s changing times, leadership skills are no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. This high-impact keynote provides attendees with a roadmap for growth and challenges them to become the leaders their teams crave and deserve. In this session, attendees will be provided with A roadmap to take your leadership to the next level, Behaviors and activities that demonstrate leadership and bring to life, A better understanding of leadership and a commitment to continued growth, and Clear steps to implement these practices and become the leader you were always meant to be.
  • DISC Behavior Style Leadership DISCovery Experience & Team Building Event – Provide your leaders with an engaging, educational and interactive DISC Behavior Style Experience that includes an assessment, group debrief, personal development challenge and leadership connection skills event that is uplifting and entertaining. Leaders become aware of their own styles, the styles of others and why all styles are an important ingredient for organizational success. Attendees build skills that will improve relationship building, communication and teamwork. They learn that practicing the “Platinum Rule,” treating people the way they want to be treated is a magical game-changer. This program is perfect for Leadership Teams, Team Building Events, Sales Meetings, or Off-Site Meetings. The DISC Team Building Event is a great ice breaker for off-site meeting or a great way to help newly formed teams get to know one another better.  This event is presented in a fun and interactive way.  Attendees will get out of their seats, cheer one another on and laugh at themselves.  It is an injection of fun, but also a meaningful activity that can be a nice change of pace or transition during an off-site meeting or a great way to create a bond between new team members.  Most importantly, attendees receive a 30-page report that provides a roadmap for improving self-awareness, communication effectiveness and business/personal relationships beyond the event. 

Available for In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid Presentations

Leadership and Behavior Style expert Coach Keith Shaw equips organizations with skills and a roadmap to navigate the challenging and rapidly changing workplace.  With over thirty (30) years of corporate human resources and leadership development experience, he takes the abstract topic of leadership and translates it into simple actions, activities and behaviors that bring leadership to life inside individuals and organizations.  

Keith has had the pleasure of serving top tier clients like Raytheon, Safran, L3Harris and USPS.  He is a dynamic speaker that that educates, entertains and uplifts event attendees.