Kenda-Le Pernin

Kenda-Le Pernin

Kenda-Le Pernin speaks on these topics:

  • Stop Selling, Give Value: The Habits of the High Powered Professional Sales Person – Professional Salespeople have been taught to sell benefits instead of features. But, are we truly giving value? Kenda-Le shares the real-world tools the most successful salespeople use every day to be solutions and resources to their clients.
  • People Can’t Be Managed: You Can Only Manage Their Commitments – In this talk, Kenda-Le explores and explains methods to get real commitments from teams as managers.
  • Heroic Leadership: Creating Futures beyond Predictable – It doesn’t take a hero to be a great leader. The bottom line is everyone has the potential to lead. In this talk, Kenda-Le shares key tools the audience can use to be powerful leaders and to foster future leaders.
  • The Actual Key to Performance: Without Real Integrity Nothing Works – Each person has our own personal integrity. It drives our daily activities and influences everything we do. Kenda-Le opens the audience’s eyes to how recognizing and honoring our own personal integrity contributes to everyone’s overall success.
  • They Never Listen, They Never Will: How To Get Them To Do It Anyway – Kenda-Le offers tools for managers to lead through generous listening. Using this proven path to true communication empowers leaders and their teams on the way to global organizational improvement.

Kenda-Le Pernin is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach. She is known for bringing rigor to her client engagements and has a track record of supporting clients in producing extraordinary results. Kenda-Le has a depth of experience in operations management. Several of her flagship clients have had major successes in operation management specifically in the areas of cost reductions, team cohesion, and operational efficiencies.

Offering a depth of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, Kenda-Le has worked with superintendents and supervisors at the Texas City refinery charged with improving operational efficiencies and performance. Kenda-Le has coached superintendents and supervisors on how they, in turn, coach their teams. Kenda-Le has worked with executives and leadership teams globally helping them create and implement new models for communication and employee engagement. She served as vice president of a retail services corporation, where she was in charge of designing and delivering company-wide training initiatives.

Kenda-Le attended the University of Texas and the University of Houston. Outside of work, Kenda-Le is an avid SCUBA diver, former Girl Scout Troop Leader, on the Board of Directors for Cherish Our Children International, and participates in triathlons to raise money for children in need. She and her daughter make their home in Dallas, Texas.