Kerin Groves

  • Secrets of Fifty-Year Marriages – Practical keys to success from couples in my research on happy long-term relationships
  • How I Hated College but Ended Up with a PhD – An encouraging message for parents and students who aren’t sure they’ll survive higher education.
  • Resilience: Wisdom from The Greatest Generation – How the strengths of WWII and Depression-era survivors can inspire the rest of us in modern times.
  • Flow: How to Find It and Keep It in your Work Life – Explore how to re-engage in your current career or figure out what you’ll do NEXT.

Kerin Groves is a professional counselor, career coach, educator, and researcher. She has over 25 years of experience in small businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, health care systems, and higher education. A lively and engaging speaker, Dr. Groves is an expert in human behavior and communication. Her specialty areas are aging, long-term relationships, lifelong career development, and positive psychology.