Laura Morlando

Laura Morlando- The Stress Commando

Laura Morlando speaks on:

  • Got Stress? Get Me Time! 5 minutes to nirvana! (really)
  • Stress Relief Book Camp without breaking a sweat!
  • ABWA – What is it anyway?
  • Energizing Your Networking Attitude to Market Your Business and Yourself in 5 Easy Steps!
  • The 3 keys to Direct Sales Success!
  • Starting a Home Based Business
  • Trade Show Know How: Don’t just sit there!
  • What do I want to be when I grow up? – Pinpoint a profitable marketing focus for you and your business with a simple 4 step process.
  • Professional Polish – The image you need to get the results you want!

Laura Morlando ~ The Stress Commando empowers men & women to de-stress and erase the signs of stress by teaching them how to create their 5 minute me time in their day to recharge their mind, and renew their personal image.

As an accomplished 14-year sales veteran, servant leader and businesswoman, Laura understands the challenge and stress associated with balancing a career and home life. Having endured the bust of the High Tech Bubble, successfully re-inventing her career, then making the transition from corporate America to home based business entrepreneur, Laura also recognizes the obstacles professionals face marketing themselves and their business in a constant changing environment. Laura is also, all too familiar with the many life happens moments that can derail a person personally and professionally. Especially when they happen all at once!

Laura is passionate about helping individuals and businesses find simple solutions to the common every day stresses and equip them with the quick tips to manage those unexpected moments. Life can be overwhelming but living can be simple. Laura’s clients include individuals, groups, corporations and National Organizations.

Laura serves as the Speaker Repository Coordinator for the Dallas Area Council of ABWA (American Business Women’s Association), 2008 National Chairperson for the ABWA Nominating Committee and Vice President of the Swim Plus Foundation Executive Board. Laura has also served as Formation Co-Chair and President of the ABWA Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN) for 2004-2007 and was on the Office Depot Event Council for their one day conference in February 2007. Most recently, Laura was chosen 2007 Woman of the Year for ABWA OPEN and ranked 1st for sales and recruiting in her BeautiControl Team for 2006/2007.