Lin O'Neill

Lin O’Neill – Organizational Consultant

Lin O’Neill speaks on:

  • If You Put Fences Around People, You Get Sheep! – A look at the leadership that is required when sparking and sustaining innovation is the goal.
  • Watching the Monkey Instead of the Organ Grinder – A look at organizational politics and power
  • Good Teams Equal A Good Profit Picture
  • Managing High Maintenance Employees
  • Can You Ever Have Too Much Leadership?
  • Anyone Can Lead When Things Are Going Well
  • Participation Means Everyone But Me – Why Teams at the Top Don’t Understand Employee Participation
  • If You Ask a Question and No One Answers – A Look at Pseudo-Participation
  • Service With a Smile Just Isn’t Enough Anymore
  • Victims Are Only Attractive to Bullies – Real and Perceived Helplessness in the World of Work
  • Boredom Kills More People Than Stress
  • Sacred Cows Aren’t Cholesterol Free

Lin O’Neill, founder and President of Futures Consulting is a consultant with in-the-trenches experience. She uses her blended background (operations and H.R.) to guide the transformation of individuals, teams, and organizations desiring enhancement or in conflict into profitable, high performers who achieve or exceed their goals.

As a former Vice President of Inflight Service and Corporate Officer for Continental Airlines, she managed several thousand employees and was responsible for inflight service quality.

Today, through Futures Consulting, O’Neill helps her clients solve the stickiest people problems, both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. She knows how to empower employees while driving results, encouraging creativity, resolving conflicts, and reaching closure. Whether on site with a client or delivering a keynote address, she brings extensive experience in culture change, turnarounds, business process definition, and multi-level cross-functional team building to her engagements.