Lori Darley

Lori Darley- The Transitions Coach

Lori Darley speaks on:

  • Personal Accountability: It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist – Research shows that accountability is a key to success but stunningly lacking in most people. Learn how you can create a culture of personal accountability and responsibility without the “preaching.”
  • E³: It’s the Manager, Stupid! – People leave managers, not companies. Find out what you can do to create Extraordinary Employee Engagement (E³).
  • The Dance of Leadership – Learn how to take an embodied stand for your vision and connect deeply to what’s most important to you as you engage your team at a whole new level.
  • The Quarter-Second That Will Change Your Life – Change generates emotion. Research shows you have a quarter-second to shift from an “amygdala hijack” to a state of centered presence where making an informed choice is now possible. Learn how to move out of the survival zone and into the power zone by creating a more effective relationship with your emotions.
  • Dancing Naked: Moving through Life with Power, Vulnerability and Grace – A provocative look at authentic self-expression and how stepping into your true self brings clarity, freedom and joy to your life.
  • Before You Even Open Your Mouth – We’re always communicating something. The question is: are you aware of what you’re communicating? Discover how your nonverbal cues can create or destroy trust in a split second.
  • Don’t Take It So Personally – Was that my fault? Knee-jerk reactions are simply a human being’s most common response to a wide variety of events. This humorous speech takes on a very human frailty and offers useful tools to take back your personal power when it seems everything and everyone is reacting to you.

Using transformational training and coaching techniques, Lori Darley makes a difference in people’s lives and businesses. With an uncommonly fierce grace and vibrant spirit, she has a unique ability to help clients remember and rediscover who they truly are at the core. Her passion for life is viral and will inspire audiences both large and small.

Lori founded her company, The Transitions Coach, in 2000. Trained and mentored by renowned business consultant Dr. David Zelman, she helps individuals and teams deliver results and have extraordinary lives. She has worked with a wide variety of organizations, from multinational Fortune 500 corporations such as Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Ferro Chemical to entrepreneurial ventures and non-profits in manufacturing, financial and legal services, management consulting, commercial real estate, and the arts.

Lori is on faculty with the Transitions Institute and is a Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute. She is an active member of the Social Venture Network, a business community committed to creating a just and sustainable world through economically, environmentally and socially just business practices. Lori received both her BFA and MFA from Southern Methodist University. She is currently working on her first book, Dancing Naked: Moving Through Life with Power, Vulnerability and Grace.

A dynamic and entertaining speaker, Lori presents programs designed to inspire high performance. Each presentation is customized to the needs of your group and includes time for question and answer sessions and group interaction.