Marla Press

Selected Speaker’s Topics:

  • Speakers on Fire: Ignite Your Success – Why speaking is the #1 way to ignite your success.How to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. 3 ways to light up your audience. Become hot off “The Press.”
  • The Art of Presence: Entertain, Build Trust, and Magnetize – How to build your presence and master your energy. Entertain without staying in performance mode. How to receive the audience and build trust. Magnetically attract who you are there to serve.
  • The Art of Feminine Presence – Explore whether repressing your femininity is affecting your work and your relationships. What are the misconceptions about masculinity and femininity? Become powerful and feminine by connecting to your creativity, flow, receptivity, collaboration, and best balance.
  • Turn Your Relationships into E-lationships – How to have passionate, meaningful, fulfilling relationships and keep the excitement and connection going.

Marla Press, aka “Igniter of Speakers on Fire,” is a Public Speaking Coach, Life Coach, and Art of Presence™ Trainer. She helps you build your presence, master your energy, and make a bigger impact by increasing your wow factor and your trust factor. Her life-changing exercises, group bootcamps, and 1:1 coaching give you immediate results. Bootcamps: “The Celebrated Speaker,” “The Art of Feminine (also coed classes) Presence,” and “Turn Your Relationships into E-lationships.”                                                                                                               

Marla has a degree in psychology, has worked as a Practice Management Consultant, and has been an Inclusion and Diversity Consultant. She has authored 3 books on psychology.   

An international speaker, Marla’s presentations include, “Speakers on Fire: Ignite Your Success,” “The Art of Presence: Be Seen, Be Heard, Inspire Change,” and “The Art of Feminine Presence.”  

Marla loves being on stage, and it shows! She’ll have you yelling out, standing up, and witnessing transformation. Marla Press is on fire and ignites her audience to feel motivated and inspired. Her interactive and enthusiastic style fires up every presentation. She invites volunteer to do her powerful exercises, and she always gets the crowd up on their feet (in-person or virtual.)

If you want to attract more clients, more wealth, more joy, better relationships, and be “Hot Off The Press,” Marla Press is your coach!