Mike Montes

Selected Speaking Topics:

  • Market Dominating Position – Mike shows business owners how to generate more clients, close more sales, and increase their overall revenue and profits; quickly and inexpensively. He has helped business owners find $17,000 in potential new revenue is as little as 45 minutes.

Mike Montes is a Kingdom Entrepreneur. Although the statement seems simple, it’s from that statement, he finds his purpose.

He is the founder of Breakthrough to Impact, an online platform designed for people who are looking to break through their limiting beliefs and take their business or life to the next level. He has also founded Yavin Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using social media. Mike also co-founded CoPlay which helps people live out their passions by connecting them with others who share those same interests.

Mike is the author of a book on entrepreneurship, Don’t Pee In Your Lemonade and is working on his second book, Finding the Great in all Your Good. He is also getting ready to write his third book, Give to Give. His YouTube channel features videos about how to make money online, Mike’s entrepreneurial journey, and how you can become a better leader.