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    Author Nation takes professionals and entrepreneurs from idea to successfully published author. Years into a career or business, high achievers realize it is time to level up and share their experience with the world. Is that you? Deciding to write a book is an exciting and challenging journey. From trying to wade through all the information on publishing to wondering who will read your book to having your writing dry up, most would be authors meet many obstacles. Many people shelve their books before they get written. Only 3% of people who want to write a book actually finish writing their book. Author Nation offers a publishing system and community based on five pillars.

    Pillar #1. Author Pro Roadmap: This includes creating your plan. Meaning I’ll teach you how to create your outline, timeline, and budget. After you get this work completed, you and I will conduct a 1:1 call where I review your book outline and author plan and give you required feedback and direction.

    Pillar #2. Author Pro On-going Training: This includes just-in-time training modules. Meaning you will receive on-going training to continue progressing into the completion of your plan. You will have access to writing sessions, paths to publishing resources, educational events, author success journals, networking events, ask us anything, and a replay library.

    Pillar #3. Author Pro Group Coaching: This includes a monthly call to keep you accountable and obtain motivation to keep moving forward. Meaning every month, you’re able to get on a call with me and other entrepreneurs learning with you, learn from them and their questions, state your goals, and ask your specific questions so you never feel alone.

    Pillar #4. Direct Access to Melody: This includes access to me between regular group calls via your Author Journal and our Ask Us Anything section of the community. Meaning you will have the founder and creator of this program in your back pocket, so you never have a chance to get stuck.

    Pillar #5. Author Pro Community: This includes an invitation to our member-only private Circle community of other entrepreneurs. Meaning you can use this to meet, learn from and connect with other men and women just like you working to finish their books.

    This is a unique publishing system that works with nonfiction authors whether they are self-published or traditionally published. You also get to work on your timelines and benefit from having the support of a community. This is not a cookie cutter approach. You and your book are unique and your life busy. You deserve the level of support you need while still maintaining control of your content and creativity.

    Author Nation gives you a path to success that works for you.

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  • Melody Owen

    Speaker’s Selected Topics:

    • Plan to Finish Writing Your Book – Only 3% of all people who want to write a book finish writing their book. The obstacles authors face vary, but with a little planning, you can become part of the 3%. In this talk, Melody Ann will give you the basics of book planning so you start your book project well and don’t get stuck along the way.
    • How to Get Unstuck and Finish Your Book – Too many manuscripts are shelved before they are finished. Authors start with good intentions but when they hit that wall, many don’t have access to the resources to move past the wall and finish that first draft. In this talk, Melody Ann will share how she helps authors continue writing even when it gets difficult. The rewards of being a published author are too great to give up.
    • How a Book Can Boost Your Business – Rumors abound about whether it is worth writing a book to boost your business. In this talk Melody Ann tells the straight truth, busts the myths, and helps you decide if writing a book for your business is the right choice.
    • Book Promotion Strategies – When authors fail in their book promotion strategies and tactics, it’s often because they are missing important elements or have gaps in the plan. Let Melody Ann give you an overview of how you can put strategies together to succeed in your book marketing.

    Melody Ann is the founder of Author Nation, a publishing system and community to take professionals from idea to successfully published nonfiction author. She started Author Nation as a response to the confusing and constantly changing world of publishing to give professionals a place to work on their books without having to adhere to one path to publishing. She has worked with both traditionally published and self-published authors, and understands the pros and cons of each publishing path. Melody Ann has worked in almost every aspect of the publishing world from book coaching, structural editing, to sales and marketing with Oxford University Press. She has taught writing at the university and college level both in the Americas and Japan. She is also the producer and host of the weekly show, Author Nation Interviews, where she interviews people in the world of nonfiction.

    Melody Ann is also a storyteller. She has studied storytelling from a number of angles including literature, marketing, and the narrative approach. In 2019, she wrote, produced, and performed her solo show, The Devil’s Daughter. She can also been seen on stage in her community telling stories for fun.

    When she is not supporting her community of authors, she can often be found wandering in the mountains in the summer, or curled up with a cat and a good book in the winter.

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