Raja Vaidya

Selected Speaking Topics:

  • 5 Black Belt Hacks to Break Out of Your Shell – In this talk, Raja takes from his personal journey and the lessons he learned becoming a Master Martial Artist to help those who want to stop hiding in the shadows and being overlooked come out of their shells and shine.

A scientist by training, Raja Vaidya overcame a speech difference to exercise his passions to sing, act, and public speak. Now, among many other things, he helps those with speech differences, introverts, and others master the art of public speaking.

After 38 Years in Martial arts training in 6 styles, Raja learned it’s never too late to grow. He helps people improve their health, have more confidence, relieve stress, improve awareness, communication, and leadership. His clients improve their businesses!

He created Victory Mindset Academy to provide business professionals with a safe place to grow and improve  their health, have fun, and forget about the outside world for a while. This is a community focused on tough LOVE, what many of us really need to grow. 

They focus on group and individual coaching to help their clients get results fast with online modules and group and individual interaction with Coach Raja as success tools for growth.  

Coach Raja has created a tribe of LIFE champions Mind-SHIFTing from a problem finders to a problem solving machines!