Sean Maness

Selected Speaker’s Topic Titles:

  • Reprogramming Nature’s Computer: 7 Brain Hacks For A Better Life – With the popularity of books like Psycho-Cyberneticsby Maxwell Maltz and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, most people are familiar with the idea of autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is the process of programming one’s mind to bring about more resourceful behaviors. Although many people are aware of autosuggestion, few practice it. The highest level performers in any field train their minds regularly to achieve success. If you desire to be a top performer in sales, business, speaking, or life, you simply cannot ignore the importance of mindset. In this informative talk, Sean teaches you 7 powerful tools to upgrade your thinking and upgrade your life.
  • 5 Strategies to Shrink Stress – Conquering stress is paramount for a healthy lifestyle. Not only is stress uncomfortable, it is deadly. Stress is the root cause of disease. This is because stress suppresses the immune system. When you are under stress, your thinking becomes cloudy and you make poor decisions. Such cloudy thinking makes it much harder to achieve your goals. In this informative talk, Sean will give you 5 strategies to shrink stress and its negative impacts on your life.
  • 7 Tools to Transform Bad Habits Into Better Behaviors – Habits are automated strategies to meet specific needs. Getting control over your habits is important to be healthy, happy, and to achieve your goals. Most people try to deal with bad habits by fighting against them. This is an ineffective and frustrating strategy. In this talk, you will learn how habits are structured and how to identify your underlying needs. You will learn 5 practical, easy to use tips to transform bad habits into better behaviors.
  • Hypnosis Methodologies for Medical Professionals – The mind tells the body what to do. This simple fact is the reason the mind must be addressed when working with health issues. More and more medical professionals recognize the importance of a holistic approach for health care. Hypnosis is one of the most effective and powerful tools in a complementary approach to heal the body. Medical professionals will learn about the effectiveness of hypnosis for a variety of conditions. Scientific evidence on medical hypnosis compared to other methods will be presented in conjunction with case studies. After hearing this talk, medical professionals will be well-informed on the use of hypnosis as a complement to traditional medicine.

Sean Maness is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner (CHP), and a member of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH).

Mr. Maness trained at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He specializes in helping people improve their confidence and performance in life through the power of the mind. He works with a wide variety of clients from public speakers to business people and athletes. Another focus of Maness Hypnosis is physician-prescribed hypnosis. Under the supervision of the client’s primary care physician, Mr. Maness helps people improve all aspects of health through teaching self-hypnosis and other self-care tools. He also works with smoking cessation and weight control.

Prior to becoming a Hypnosis Practitioner, Mr. Maness was a professional musician. He holds degrees in trumpet performance from Eastman School of Music and the University of Houston. As a musician, he performed with many professional ensembles in both the United States and abroad. He was a core member of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra (Japan) from 2010-2013.

Mr. Maness resides in Irving, Texas with his wife Xiaolei.