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Welcome to the

National Speech & Debate Day Speakathon

Streaming Live: https://www.facebook.com/SpeakerCoop 

March 3, 2023

9AM – 3PM Central Time

Planned Schedule

Central Time

9:00 Welcome: Jeff Klein
9:15 Ana Lennyr
9:30 Daniel Lennyr
9:45 Shelley Goldstein
9:55 Mark Bossert
10:00 John Chen
10:30 Julie Cotton
11:00 Lynn Teatro
11:15 Gini Trask
12:00 Patsy Sanders
12:25 Raja Vaidja
12:35 Al Jensen
12:55 Ebony Archer
1:00 Dr. L
1:30 Sherry Prindle
1:45 Joe Moghaizel
2:00 Kitti Andrews
2:10 Dea Irby
2:20 Annette Ramrattan

Theme: What I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self or My Drama/Speech/Debate Story

Pledge 5 to 25 minute Speeches.

Proceeds Benefit the Speak Feed Lead Project.

Those of us who have found speaking as a profession come from a variety of origins.

Who we are now is the culmination of who we were our entire lives. Let’s celebrate our beginnings by telling stories about our high school selves.

So many of us owe our beginnings to that speech teacher or drama coach or debate coach who drove us around the state to competitions. That’s what National Speech and Debate Day celebrates. Whether that’s part of your origin story or not, celebrate with us by telling your individual high school (or high school age) story. Please name names and thank those teachers, mentors, and fellow students who inspired you.

You never know. They might be watching.

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Some of the Speakers Who Are Participating:

  • Gini Trask
  • Julie Cotton
  • Al Jensen
  • Shelly Goldstein
  • Sherry Prindle
  • Jessica Koch
  • Ana Lennyr
  • Daniel Lennyr – Age 15
  • Jeff Klein
  • John Chen
  • And More!

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Broadcast Details Coming Soon!

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