Steve Reiner

Speaker’s Selected Topics:

  • You Don’t Have To Be a Born Leader, To Be a Leader – Anyone can be a leader if you have the desire to learn. It is with a keen awareness, ability to get uncomfortable, and getting the experience, which will help us build new skills and effect positive change.
  • Seven Pivotal Moments That Lead To Personal Growth – Every career has moments when key lessons are learned we take on our journey with us. Here Steve shares the seven pivotal lessons that impacted who he is a leader. These are significant points every leader, whether new or experienced, will benefit from.
  • A Competitive Advantage Few Can Complete With – Every business and individual are looking for an advantage over the competition. Products and processes can be duplicated. Leadership however, comes from within and is hard to duplicate. In this talk, Steve teaches the skills needed to engage employees and deliver high performance.
  • Seven Leadership Qualities That Will Change Your Career – There are countless qualities in leadership that have been written about the world over. These seven qualities are foundational to every leader as we build our toolbox. In this talk, Steve drills down to why trust, empowerment, diversity, communication, employee engagement, motivation, and fun all matter.

Steve Reiner has been in corporate America for over 20 years. He has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and International Business from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. Steve is married to his wife Blaise, and they have two sons, Graydon and Grant.

There were pivotal moments in his career that provided Steve with the opportunity to develop a style of leadership that people thrive in. He developed a way of leading people that creates a competitive advantage very few can compete with. Since its people that deliver performance and profit, that’s where he focuses. When the people are functioning at a high level, business performance follows. He has proven this over & over again, and loves to share the not-so-secret sauce with others.

Steve’s speaking style is energetic, entertaining, and engaging. The topics he talks about resonate with a variety of people because they are real stories, from real experience, that come from the heart. It was through tough times and desperation that he found new ways to grow in every one of his jobs. It was the numerous positions he held, mentors he had, and managers he worked for that Steve credits with the growth and success he has enjoyed in his career.

Much of his career was spent in Miami, before relocating a few times to Chicago, Dallas, and most recently Baltimore. He has held a variety of roles starting in sales, management, and executive roles. Steve has led hundreds of people and generated hundreds of millions in revenue. His career wasn’t always pretty. He was successful in sales and as he embarked on management roles, he encountered some of the hard lessons of being a leader.

From here is where Steve’s story gets interesting, as he begins some of the toughest roles he has held in business. Not tough because of the tactical work. Tough because of the interpersonal work that was going to transpire in the coming years. His contemporary roles are where he learned the most about people, himself, and leadership. Many of the stories Steve loves to share come from a couple key positions because of the impact they had on the personal and professional growth he has enjoyed since. During these times, he created the leader he would become through experience, awareness, and implementation. Now he is on a mission to pay it back, pay it forward, and help create the leaders we need for tomorrow.