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    Cynthia Lay, owner of SpeakerWebsites.com, works closely with professional speakers who want to build credibility, establish a strong online presence, and get paid to speak. In addition to providing custom website design services for speakers, Cynthia consults in the areas of public relations, social media, and product creation. She has more than 25 years of experience in traditional & digital marketing, PR, and consumer behavior. If you’re looking for a pro who knows the speaking industry, you’ve found her!

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  • Insignia Training Partners

    Insignia Training Partners

    Insignia Training Partners is a full-service learning company with an extensive network of training and learning development resources nationwide providing fractional, project and contract-based L&D support, and recruiting services for skilled L&D talent and executives. Insignia has supported over 3000 virtual events and counting since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic for companies, like EY, Johnson & Johnson, Jansen Pharmaceuticals, McKinsey & Co, and many more! In all of those events, not a SINGLE facilitator has ever turned around after an event and told us they would rather facilitate alone, without a producer.

    Managing a Zoom or Teams meeting can be a large task in and of itself, especially if you have hundreds of attendees and plan to use any of the built in engagement features of your platform, like breakout rooms and polling questions. If you have been struggling to run the virtual platform while facilitating alone, you know how challenging it can be to manage logistics and technical support of participants while also engaging and delivering a focused and concise presentation. If you need your next virtual event to go off without a hitch, ask us to support it and you will see the Insignia difference!

    Bernie DeSantis – President & Owner, Facilitator, Virtual Producer

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