About Jeff Klein

Jeff KleinJeff Klein has been joining speakers to meeting and event planners for almost 10 years. He focuses on ONE thing: teaching speakers how to benefit from speaking for their business whenever they get the opportunity so that event planners can’t wait to return for even more from Speaker Co-op.

That means increased brand awareness and solid message development, but it also means using a proven system that speaking event organizers appreciate because of the value it brings to the groups where you present.

Speaking organizers and event planners want subject matter experts to truly engage their groups so they will get called over and over again to provide great speakers. Jeff teaches systems to communicate effectively, and also helps presenters understand how valuable building a network from that opportunity can be as an income generator for your business.

A networking superstar and active meeting coordinator currently in Dallas, Houston and Austin, in the upcoming months Jeff plans to branch his meetings into cities all over the continent. If you are interested in opening up a Speaker Co-op Chapter in your town, contact Jeff Klein for more information.