Debra Eckerling

Selected Speaking Topics:

  • Goal Strategy for Event Exhibitors: In this talk, Deb offers training to maximize the return on the investment of exhibiting at an event. To achieve event outcome optimization, she shares strategies for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and companies, so they leave the conference, summit, or expo with valuable connections and actionable items.
  • Goal-Setting Simplified: Debra’s signature talk guides people through The D*E*B Method, which is her system for Goal-Setting Simplified. DEB stands for Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, and Brainstorm Your Path.
  • Wellbeing When Working Virtually: Work-from-home and hybrid-work are not going anywhere … at least for the foreseeable future. Whether you are the boss, a team leader, an employee, or even a solopreneur, there are simple things you can do to improve wellness, while working remotely. During this talk, Debra shares 5 tips for staying happy and healthy when Working from Home, along with strategies to incorporate them into your day-to-day routine.
  • Goal-Setting Simplified for Social Media, Content, and/or Networking: The D*E*B Method System of Goal-Setting Simplified can be applied to any social media platform, content project (blog, video series, podcast, book), or networking strategy.

Goal-setting expert Debra Eckerling is the creator of The DEB Method system of goal-setting simplified and award-winning author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning, and Achieving Your Goals (2021 Silver IPPY in Self-Help). A corporate consultant, workshop leader, and panel moderator, Deb is on a mission to change goal-culture in and out of the workplace. She is the host of the #GoalChat Twitter Chat, #GoalChatLive on Facebook and LinkedIn, and The DEB Show podcast.