Lisa Chalker

Selected Topic Titles:

  • Financial Literacy – As a Certified Financial Educator with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, I am able to bring non-solicitous financial literacy classes to organizations and businesses alike.  Learning financial concepts is a game changer for any individual, family and/or business!  It can mean the difference between scarcity and wealth but most of all it can mean the difference between anxiety about your financial future or total peace of mind, which would you rather have?

Lisa Chalker has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Special Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education.  Teaching has always been a passion for her.  When she left the teaching profession to raise her 3 girls, she always knew she would go back to teaching one day.  In the meantime, Lisa started her own marketing business as it allowed her to stay home with her family and keep a flexible schedule.  When medical bills caused her family to get into debt, she realized the need for multiple streams of income and was approached to start her own financial agency.  It was at this point that Lisa realized how financially illiterate she was and that started her on the road to ensure others did not end up the way she and her family were.  At 55 years old, Lisa got back into the “teaching arena” but in a very different way than she originally thought.  When others are thinking about retiring, Lisa decided to embark in a new business and got her Life and Health License, the next year she challenged herself and got her securities licensed, the following year she became a Certified Financial Educator and topped it off at the beginning of the following year and got her Investment Advisor Representative License.  With her arsenal of licenses, a growing agency across the United States and becoming a teacher of financial education, her ability to help individual, families and businesses get into a better financial situation was under way.  Lisa has been on a mission to “pay it forward” ever since and their goal is to make sure that she and her team help at least 1 Million people, by the year 2040, to become financially literate by learning how their money works and how to make it work for them AND have peace of mind about their family’s and business’ legacy.  Another major goal of hers is to be able to help start a charitable organization, and fund other organizations, to help combat human trafficking (especially children) and help find and rehabilitate those individuals and families affected by this epidemic!