Misc Business Speaking

  • Epic Receptionists

    We are a boutique call handling service that will make sure you never miss another business call again. We will answer every call so that you never miss oportunity and book appointments with your clients. Let us give you the time back to focus on growing your business.

    Live call answering

    Our friendly, professional, US-based receptionists will make sure all your incoming calls are answered promptly and handled according to your specific instructions.

    We can book appointments, take messages, transfer calls, answer questions, or even hang up on telemarketers. Allow us to handle the phones while you handle your business.

    Outbound calls

    Our Epic Receptionists can do more than just answer calls; we can make calls for you as well.

    Our outbound calls can perform many services: from appointment reminders to follow-up sales calls. We can even make a dinner reservation! – you name it. The ability to customize our outbound feature to fit your needs means less day to day stress for you. Just give us the details, and we can make the calls.

    Dedicated receptionists team

    No robots or impersonal call centers answer your phone at Epic Receptionists. Instead, we provide you with a small dedicated team to answer all your calls. You and your receptionist team will become familiar with each other and be able to communicate directly. This way, Epic Receptionists can operate as an extension of your business.

    Call summary delivered via email

    A member of your receptionist team will capture any and all information about the caller and send you a summary via email or text after each call. This way, you can always be in the loop with your phone calls and your business.

    Have a specific piece of information you want from each caller? Maybe a particular question you want each caller to answer? No problem! We can customize what information we capture at no extra cost.

    Don’t get caught off guard with calls you don’t want.

    Your team of receptionists will pass along only the calls you want or expect. We will screen and announce any phone calls before we transfer them to you. And if you are not available at that moment, we will take a message from the call and send it to you via email or text.

    You can forward and not forward your calls according to your schedule, whether that’s all the time, a couple of hours a day, or a few days a week.

    Call overflow

    Missing customers because you are too busy with other customers is one of the worst feelings an entrepreneur can experience. We can make sure this never happens again! We can design a plan where your phone rings a certain amount of times before Epic Receptionists takes over. This feature gives you peace of mind and allows you to attend to the business at hand.

    Appointment scheduling

    Scheduling appointments is a vital task, but your expertise is best applied elsewhere in your business. Our receptionists can access your online calendar (Google Calendar, iCalendar, or Office365) and book an appointment based on your availability.

    Custom call answering experience

    We don’t expect every business to have the same cookie-cutter greeting with an identical way to collect information from their customers. Epic Receptionists will happily answer calls the exact way you want them to be answered. Just provide a customized script, and we will do the rest.

    Have a specific piece of information you want from each caller? Maybe a particular question to ask? No problem! We can customize and capture any information you want.

    Our Epic Receptionists are here to handle any incoming calls when you are not able to. But everyone needs some well-deserved rest once in a while. Any calls received outside of our hours of operation will be sent to your custom voicemail box. We will send any voicemails you receive as an audio attachment to your email.

    Toll-free or local number included

    Keep your existing phone number! We will provide you with a local or toll-free phone number that is unique to your business. You then would forward your current business calls to that number, or if you prefer, publish the number we provide you with on your website, online business listings, and marketing materials.

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  • Lori Vann

    Selected Topic Titles:

    • Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury
    • Practitioner’s Guide to Self-injury
    • Stress in the Workplace
    • Time Management
    • Leader, Dictator, or Avoidant: What Makes Someone a Great Leader
    • Dating Beyond the Swipe: next steps for a great first date
    • When Making the Grade Causes You to Fail: the problem with perfectionism
    • Walls, Windows, Walkways: Boundaries in Personal, Professional, and Academic Life
    • How to Ride the Roller Coaster of Life with More Thrills and Less Spills
    • The Best Way to Save Someone Happens Before You Need to: Life-Threatening Epidemics
    • Help! I’m on Fire! Putting out the Fires of Stress with Burnout Prevention
    • Taboo! Uncomfortable! Is This Healthy? Am I “normal”? Let’s Talk About MH!
    • Take Back Control Today Over Your Stress, Worries, and Anxiety
    • Are You Talking to Me or At Me? Aggressive vs. Assertive Communication

    Do you want to know how to spot the difference between someone who is a professional speaker with training and experience versus someone who happens to speak for an occasional paid event?

    Lori Vann has been a professional speaker for over twenty years who has received training from multiple internationally known coaches, in addition to the lessons that she learned as a performer and a professor for two colleges. Having presented on national and international stages for a wide variety of audiences and event types, Lori is regarded as a speaker who provides value for the audience and organizers; this is one of the many reasons why she has been a repeat presenter for numerous organizations.

    Many speakers can provide information, but few speakers are able to present the information in a way that is meaningful, memorable, and usable. Lori is able to connect with your audience by providing a tailored talk with examples that will resonate with your attendees in a down-to-earth, genuine manner. Whether she is the keynote speaker for a large conference or providing a workshop to a small group of individuals, she gives every talk her full attention to make sure that your goals for the event are met.

    Contact Lori today to learn how you and your attendees will have the WOW factor with her as the speaker for your next event.

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  • Kristen Swinehart

    Selected Topic Titles:

    • Break Through The Turbulence of Grief – Grief can come from a variety of situations, from the loss of a job to the loss of a loved one. No matter what the grief arises from it can leave us feeling a multitude of emotions and often stuck in our tracks without knowing how we will move forward. In this talk Kristen will give us tools to use during tough times to keep us flying forward.

    As a professional Psychic/Medium, Kristen knows the experience of grief intimately as well as the impact it can have on one’s life.  Having lost her father at 18 years old, she began to question and dive deeper into life AFTER death, ultimately leading her to realize she is a psychic medium and can communicate with spirits on the other side.

    Kristen left her corporate career as an attorney to pursue helping others to move through their grief using her powerful and accurate mediumship.  Now she holds group readings at corporations, works with families of high-profile individuals who have passed and helps private clients move through any form of grief they may be experiencing, from the loss of a job to the loss of a loved one.

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  • Cindy L. Herb

    Cindy L. Herb speaks on:

    • Striving, Surviving and Thriving – Falling on Your Butt & Getting Back Up Every Time: All of us fall on our butt sometime in our lives, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. Cindy shares how she has fallen on her butt more than a dozen times, but has successfully risen back up.
    • The Power of Prevention – Protect Yourself from Predators: Predators are drawn to prey, regardless of age, race, religion or socioeconomic background. They are skilled at gaining your trust and you, as their intended victim, will usually know them quite well. Cindy teaches tips and tools to avoid becoming a victim.
    • Fly Like an Eagle – Discover Your Purpose in Life: Many people question their life’s purpose, especially after enduring something very painful or surviving a horrific event. Any number of things can trigger the question. This thought-provoking lecture offers some simple solutions, taking you on a journey to discover your individual purpose in life.
    • Overcome Adversity and Find Your Joy: Have you lost your happiness due to experiencing life’s adversity? Find out how to overcome the pain of hardship and unleash the joy within.
    • Controlling Your Life – Finding Solutions When Life is Not Working: Sometimes life is not as idyllic as you once imagined. Many of us are unhappy, feeling unloved, depressed, unfulfilled, angry, or all alone. Cindy takes you on a journey to discover solutions with this uplifting and informative talk designed to enhance your spiritual experience.
    • Journaling to Heal Pain: During her life, Cindy L. Herb has overcome many horrific events, including a childhood rape at the age of nine. After meeting a shaman in 2007, she began journaling her painful childhood experiences. Listen and be inspired by her story and discover how journaling can be an effective tool in healing.
    • Raped or Sexually Abused – How to Get Your Joy Back: The emotional trauma caused from rape or sexual abuse can have a devastating effect. Cindy talks about how to deal with the trauma and return to a place of joy and happiness.

    See Cindy’s Video


    Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes, that story is not pleasant. How do you overcome obstacles or conquer any story of adversity in your life? Let Cindy help you go from surviving to thriving joyfully!

    Is it possible to find joy and peace, despite your circumstances? Cindy L. Herb helps others find joy by assisting them in overcoming their story of adversity. Cindy L. Herb is no longer haunted or burdened with guilt and shame by the events of her life. Indirectly, this has helped her work a more constructive path. She now, as a healed rape victim and survivor, passionately advocates a way to overcome obstacles and understand adverse events that may have occurred in people’s lives. Based upon her personal discoveries, she shares the knowledge that no matter your circumstance, there is a way to overcome life’s tribulations. Virtually anyone can benefit from her message.

    Book Cindy to speak at your next event!

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  • Barbara Salmeron

    Selected Speaker Topics:

    Surviving Leadership for Modern Day Cavepeople – This talk reveals concepts and asks questions to create dramatic shifts for the audience. Barbara offers tools people can use right away to develop a deeper understanding of the opposite sex, learn how to bring out the best in each other at work and at home, and limit conflict, lead to more compassionate communication, leading to more fulfilling relationships for work, family, and romance.

    Communications Consultant Barbara Cole Salmeron is a Speaker, Author, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Certified Coach, Stress-Relief Specialist, Gong Master/Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her specialty: Empowering men and women to END the battle of the sexes. Her real-world teaching style and down-to-earth way of relating help people feel safe and comfortable while learning.

    Her passion for speaking and for teaching others how to communicate more effectively means Barbara offers more than a talk—she creates an engaging experience by utilizing concepts and questions to create dramatic shifts. Benefits include:

    • A deeper understanding of the opposite sex
    • Learning how to bring out the best in each other at work and at home
    • Less conflict, more compassionate communication, and more empowered relationships

    This creates greater productivity, happiness, connection, well-being, and a deeper sense of self. These shifts have helped thousands of people to discover more fulfilling relationships in the contexts of work, family, and romance.

    Rick & Barbara were married in 2018 and enjoy
    a life of adventure and partnership, in Dallas, Texas.

    Training & Certifications:

    • PAX Mastery Certification & Licensing by Alison Armstrong, USA – 2018 – 2020
    • Ultimate Healer Coaching Certification by Tom Heinz, Texas – 2019
    • Gong Master/Teacher Guinness Book of World Records Training, London – 2018
    • Mastermind Mindfulness Teacher Training, Texas – 2017
    • Advanced Coaching Certification by Sherry Prindle, Online – 2017
    • Harmonic Therapy Advanced Training by Mitch Nur PhD, Pennsylvania – 2017
    • PTSD Coach Training, Online – 2016
    • Coaching Certification by Sherry Prindle, Online – 2016
    • Gong Master Performance Certification by Don Conreaux, Surana, and Angelo, Europe – 2015
    • Mindfulness Teacher Certification by Pat McRae, Hawaii – 2015
    • Pax Programs Relationship/Communication Trainings, Hawaii & Texas – 2014 – 2018
    • Women’s Leadership Training, California – 2013
    • Medicine Wheel & Healing Tools Trainings by John English, Arizona – 2012 – 2013
    • Life Success Course Training, California – 2012
    • PSI Seminars Training, Arizona – 2011
    • Gong Master Certification by Don Conreaux, Arizona – 2010
    • Omega Vector Trainings 1 – 4 by Ann Marie, Arizona – 2010
    • Infinite Possibilities Teacher Training & Certification by Mike Dooley, Florida – 2010
    • Reiki Master Advanced Certification by Pearl Rauberts, Florida – 2006
    • Reiki Master/Teacher Certification by Pearl Rauberts, Florida – 2005
    • Reiki Level Two Certification by Deena Elmore, Florida – 2004
    • Reiki Level One Certification by Deena Elmore, Florida – 2004
    • USCG STCW International Waters Certification, US Virgin Islands – 2003
    • USCG 100-Ton Charter Vessel Captain Certification, US Virgin Islands – 2003
    • CPR/First Aid/Oxygen Administration Instructor, Vietnam – 2001
    • PADI Scuba Instructor Certification, Vietnam – 2001
    • USCG 50-Ton Charter Vessel Captain Certification, California – 2001
    • NAUI Scuba Instructor Certification, Mexico – 1996
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  • Katrina Sawa

    Speaker’s Selected Speaking Topics:

    • F.O.C.U.S. Framework: 5 Steps to Faster Sales Results! – Building your business into a smooth-running, consistent income-generating machine these days takes the implementation of many business, mindset, and marketing strategies. Some of which are basic and foundational in nature, yet many entrepreneurs skip over them in hopes of growing faster which is a mistake. If you don’t at least do the basics of what works and what will bring you results, then you’ll just be spinning your wheels over and over again not seeing the income you want (or deserve!). In this age of virtual-run businesses, you need to shift what you’re doing to stay in business or open up and learn these new skills required to sustain yourself and thrive. In this presentation you will learn how to design your business around the kind of life you want to live, incorporating your ideal lifestyle vision and big money goals. You’ll learn where to spend your energy, resources, and time to see the financial results you’re hoping for quicker. And how to effectively maximize this online, virtual world we’re living in and still do the kind of business that you are passionate about.
    • Jumpstart Your Sales – One-on-One or Online – Now more than ever you may want to look at learning how to get better at “booking” and “closing” sales conversations. Whether you’re leaving the house or not, some of your prospects and clients may not be leaving the house as much right now. This means less in-person networking events, less coffee dates, and less clients to do one-on-one sessions with “in person” but you can still do plenty of one-on-one sales conversations and calls on Zoom or other conference lines. It’s time to stop the doom and gloom attitude if you are experiencing that and learn what you need to do to MAKE MORE SALES during this time (or anytime). That could mean that you need to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Either way, there are plenty of people out there buying right now (Yes, even YOUR products, programs and services too!). Attendees will learn how to book more appointments and 1on1 sales conversations via email, zoom, social media and from anywhere, conduct effective and results-oriented conversations for “Collaborations & Connecting” (I call them “Get-to-Know-Ya” calls), and take prospects through that 1on1 sales conversation much more easily, more authentically yet with more assertiveness and strategy so you can actually get more people to say YES to you.
    • Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow – Are You Finally Ready to Learn EXACTLY What to Do AND HOW to Do It in Regards to Getting More Clients in Your Business? We’re talking about marketing and selling in your business. These are, after all, the two most CRITICAL activities that ANY small business owner (or sales professional in ANY industry) needs to learn and GET REALLY GOOD AT DOING! Maybe you know a lot of the WHAT to do in your marketing, sales and your business…. but what’s missing is the HOW. In this presentation you will learn how to tweak what you’re selling to make sure you hit your money goals every month, the 3 types of marketing every small business owner needs to be focusing on for consistent revenue generation, and how to delegate much of your marketing plus time-saving techy tools to help you.
    • How to Make Fast Cash with Easy YES Offers! – This presentation is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors, speakers and anyone who needs to meet a lot of people and build relationships in order to promote and increase their business. Marketing these days is useless without building quality relationships with your clients, prospects, referral sources and contacts.  Making offers is a key component to building those relationships. You can do this if you’re a speaker or doing a speaking presentation or in your day-to-day sales conversations and connecting with prospects in person or online. Most entrepreneurs are NOT prepared to make a sale and take money “on the spot” at live networking events however, unless they ARE the speaker so this information will arm you with the keys to doing this on a daily basis wherever you go no matter what.
    • Maximize Your Follow Up For Million Dollar Results – ADMIT IT….You have a stack of business cards sitting on your desk of people you want to follow up with BUT HAVEN’T. • I know this because 99% of all the small business owners out there are making the same mistakes. You do realize that you’re missing out on a TON OF SALES and probably a few referral source opportunities too? • Who knows, all that LACK of FOLLOW UP could have brought you an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000 in revenues this month! • So, stop doing the things that AREN’T BRINGING IN THE BUCKS and learn what tasks you should be spending time on instead.
    • Love Yourself Successful – The Missing Link to Complete Happiness in Life – Do you feel like you’re stuck in your business and you’re not sure why? ➢ Wonder why you aren’t making the kind of revenue you thought you would make? ➢ Not sure how to get new clients or more referrals regularly and consistentl Regardless what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle because of lack of love in their life….love and support for or by a significant other, love and confidence in yourself or love for life or your business in general. All the marketing, systems & planning may not be able to help you if you’re not happy in your personal life.
    • Put Your Small Business on Autopilot and Watch Your Profits Skyrocket! – Are you constantly struggling in your business or working way too hard for not enough profits? Want to find out how to work less in your business and make more? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’re probably: • Not earning as much as you thought you would by now • Not enjoying enough time off with loved ones • Working much harder than you have to or want to When you automate, delegate and systematize more things in your business, you can see massive results!
    • Relationship Marketing Strategies To Double Your Business and More! – In this world of Internet marketing, building relationships with your prospects, referral sources and as many people as you can meet and add to your database is your most important marketing strategy. As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you are NOT marketing to those people who know you and have already done business with you then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF SALES! Learn how to easily increase your database, market effectively to your database and to your unique target market with easy to implement strategies without breaking the bank.
    • Building Your List with Your Website – Web Design Secrets and Strategies Your Web Designer Doesn’t Discuss With You! – Are you wondering if your current site is getting traffic, converting traffic or working for you at all to help you get more clients? Are you building a new site for your business and not sure really where to start or who to go to have help you? The # 1 thing your website should be doing for you if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur is… Bringing in Qualified Leads and Building Your List.
    • How to Design Your Talk to Make Everyone Want What You’ve Got to Offer – There are lots of speakers out there talking about all kinds of different topics. What makes YOU different? How can you stand out among others who do what you do? If you’re doing speaking presentations already or even if you’ve never done a single one, this presentation will give you some fresh new ideas to get noticed and get booked. Designing what to talk about is an art and a skill because you want to know your overall goal from what you want out of the exposure before you figure out what you want to say.

    Katrina Sawa is the CEO and Founder of JumpstartYourBizNow.com. She is lovingly known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she kicks her clients into high gear making more money doing what they love and fast. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing & Sales System, 12x International Best-Selling author with 20 books including, Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now and the Jumpstart Your _____(blank) Series. Katrina is also the CEO of Jumpstart Publishing where she helps entrepreneurs publish books that generate more clients and revenue, and she’s the Founder of the International Speaker Network, a free, educational, networking group with thousands of members.

    Katrina has a no-nonsense approach to showing entrepreneurs how to develop consistently profitable businesses implementing proven marketing and business strategies. She’s been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC, and TheCW. Katrina was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association and a 2-time Nominee for the Wise Woman Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She speaks to groups of all sizes, holds live training events annually and lives in Northern California with her husband Jason and step-daughter Riley.

    Katrina’s speaking style is dynamic, energetic and inspiring. She can deliver a highly motivational talk to lift up audiences around the topic of her books, Love Yourself Successful or Jumpstart Your New Business Now. She can also deliver highly detailed business and marketing strategies, start up plans and systems type of content in her talks for growing your business faster and more affordably. Topics include: consistent cash flow, marketing basics, automation, website and systems talks, also ones about love and money both.

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  • John Ayo

    Selected Speaking Topics:

    • 9 Secrets to Healthy Travel – This presentation will help you reduce stress, sleep better and stay balanced while traveling by focusing on natural/healthy choices that you can make while on the road.
    • Adventures in Integrative Healing – This presentation will provide you the information to better understand the different types of natural healing modalities that are available to you. John will discuss the impacts of modern day life, and how these integrative health options can help you achieve optimum health.
    • Pearls of Wisdom – Are you burned out with your job? Are you beginning a new career in a company? This presentation is filled with life/work lessons based on a 30-year career at IBM. John will provide his best tips regarding networking, balance and health insights based on his experiences.

    Dr. John Ayo is a Naturopath, Speaker, Author and Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS.) He has been researching mind/body/spirit topics since 1976. He worked in sales for IBM for 27 years, where the stress of “Corporate America” caused him to examine his priorities in life. He began having health issues around 1999 that could not be addressed by the traditional medical model of “fixing symptoms”. This led him on an amazing journey back to health . . . and to his true passion. His mission is to make a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives by sharing the information that he has researched on natural health solutions. He attracts clients who are interested in taking responsibility for their health, and learning about ways to balance mind, body and spirit.

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  • Yoram Solomon

    Selected Speaker Topics:

    • Trust, Trustworthiness, Trust Habits™ – What is trust? How does it behave (through the 8 laws of trust)? What makes a person trusted by another person? How to form habits that change behaviors, build trust, and transform organizations.

    Dr. Yoram Solomon is the author of The Book of Trust (now in 3rd edition, and the most comprehensive book ever written about trust), the book series Can I Trust You? and host of The Trust Show podcast. He has published 16 books, 22 patents, and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 technologies, for which he was dubbed “TI’s Great Innovator.” Dr. Solomon was named by Innovation Excellence as one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers,  and by Thinkers 360 as one of the top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Culture.  He was a columnist at Inc. Magazine,  Innovation Excellence,  and other publications, where he published more than 300 articles.

    Dr. Solomon holds a PhD in Organization and Management from Capella University, an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, an LLB from the Tel-Aviv University Law School, and an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ort Singalovski College. He completed the executive Marketing Management Program at Stanford University and the Developing the Strategic Leader program at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Colorado Springs. Dr. Solomon is certified by CCL to administer the KEYS and SKILLSCOPE assessments and is an authorized provider of school board training by the Texas Education Agency.

    He has founded several startups and sold a startup company in Silicon Valley. He has held various positions from General Manager of a $100m business unit in a Fortune 200 company to a Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Innovation, and to CEO.

    Dr. Solomon is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship at Southern Methodist University, and formerly at the University of Texas at Dallas.

    A National Speakers Association Professional Speaker, he spoke in several different national and regional conferences, including the Human Resources Southwest Annual Conference, the Association for Strategic Planning National Conference, CDX Annual Conference, Meeting Planner International (MPI) Annual conference, and many more, to audiences in excess of 2,000, both in-person and virtually.

    Yoram was the host of the first TEDxPlano in 2014, and spoke at TEDxOakLawn in 2018 and TEDxPlanoSeniorHS in 2022. His customers include a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations, in a broad spectrum of industries from technology to retail, healthcare, defense, and education. He served companies such as AT&T, Dannon, Amway, Texas Instruments, Medical City, and many more, who described his keynotes and workshops as transformative.

    In 2015, he was elected to the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees. Yoram served in the IDF 35th Airborne Paratrooper brigade and as a USAF CAP pilot and Aerospace Education Officer.

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  • Debbie Mrazek

    Speaking Topics Include:

    • 168 Hours: What are you doing with yours?
    • Alexander Graham Bell…or the phone is really not a living organism that can eat you alive!
    • Are You a Sales Person?
    • Follow-up Basics
    • Function of “Sales” in Emerging Companies
    • I Hate “The Price” Conversation
    • Implementing A Predictable Sales Process
    • Is Networking Enough?
    • Is There Ever Really a Win-Win?
    • Making and Keeping a Sales Plan
    • Negotiating Contracts
    • Presentation Skills That Don’t Allow Fainting
    • Proven Cash Producing & Qualified Lead Generation Technologies
    • SALES CHECK-UP: Prescription for Healthy Sales
    • Sales Strategies
    • Selling Your Unique Advantage
    • Smart Doesn’t Always Win
    • Ten Steps to a Predictable Sales Process
    • Trade Show Training
    • Who Do You Know? The Rule of 250
    • Who is the right salesperson for your company?

    Today, The Sales Company serves individuals and companies around the world. The connecting thread between all of these is that you are “good people,” You treat others the way they want to be treated. You do what’s good for all involved. You sleep well at night. Integrity is your north star.

    I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get a “thrill” from helping someone. Helping others is a way of life for me.

    After enjoying so much success in the technology industry back in the “good ol’ days” of selling for many different manufacturing companies, I felt like I had earned a PhD in sales. My “helping” grew from selling for different companies to consulting with companies about how they could sell better, smarter and make more doing what they were already doing.

    Early on, I realized that my view of sales was very different than other consultants’ view of sales. I asked lots of questions about everything from hiring the right people to how the company was doing overall financially. The end result often took us away from sales consulting and moved the company toward the real problems that were affecting sales.

    Today, my dream of The Sales Company is alive and well as a solopreneur consultant. That was—and still is—a great way for me to personally work with the individuals and companies who want to work personally with me. However, I always knew what I really wanted.

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  • SpeakerTunity


    SpeakerTunity Members Only® 

    How would you like to have REAL IMPACT? Where you could have a steady stream of leads on multiple platforms that would provide access to an unlimited number of new clients?

    Welcome to SpeakerTunity Members Only® where you get a choice of:

    • 40 Podcast/radio/videocast leads
    • 20+ New virtual summit leads & a dozen giveaways
    • 120 Live and virtual stage leads
    • 4000+ Hundreds of conferences and events

    …to drive your speaking and client attraction EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

    Everything you need to be getting more clients steadily without doing the groundwork yourself for only $47/month! Add up all the unprecedented value in SpeakerTunity Members Only® and you can count the incredible savings in time, money, support and peace of mind.

    Get instant access!


    SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Lead Directories®

    Get Your SpeakerTunity Cities REGIONAL Speaker Lead Directory® –Local Speaking Opportunities at Your Fingertips!

    Need more clients? There is no better way than speaking live or virtually close to home! Locals love to book locals. And now you can get a directory for ALL the bookers at meetings, venues and associations in your local market in every possible category that might serve you—up to 2000+ leads or more! If you are in the US or CAN, we’ve got you covered!

    Book yourself crazy with a SpeakerTunity Cities REGIONAL Speaker Lead Directory®


    SpeakerTunity Sheets®-Speaker One Sheets and Podcast Introductory Sheets

    Get Your Speaker One-Sheet or Podcast Intro Sheet Designed by & with SpeakerTunity®! And Get Booked More Often!

    Leaders today know that they need a professional looking Speaker One-Sheet or a Podcast Introduction Sheet. So SpeakerTunity® is going to make it easy for you. The designers at SpeakerTunity Sheets® know what these should look like! You provide the information we request and the graphic images (photos, logos, book covers, etc) and we’ll give you a sheet that will WOW your target decision-maker!  And we’ll do it affordably! And FAST–using a template you select! Maximum 15-day delivery of draft design. SpeakerTunity Sheet® sheets will make it easy for you to start getting booked consistently!

    Go get your impactful Speaker One-Sheet or a Podcast Introduction Sheet!


    SpeakerTunity TEdx Directory®

    Get Your Complete Directory of ALL US & Canadian TEDx Events! And Go Viral with Your Idea Worth Spreading! 

    If you’re yearning to make your FIRST or NEXT TEDx, you’d better get going to find one and get yourself booked! How would you like to save a couple of steps? What if you could have a SpeakerTunity ® Directory that provides a complete list of TEDx events in the US and Canada — and breaks them down by date and by location?

    Would that be helpful? And worth a mere $99 investment?

    Start moving forward on landing the stage where you can offer your “idea worth spreading!”



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