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  • Katrina Sawa

    Speaker’s Selected Speaking Topics:

    • F.O.C.U.S. Framework: 5 Steps to Faster Sales Results! – Building your business into a smooth-running, consistent income-generating machine these days takes the implementation of many business, mindset, and marketing strategies. Some of which are basic and foundational in nature, yet many entrepreneurs skip over them in hopes of growing faster which is a mistake. If you don’t at least do the basics of what works and what will bring you results, then you’ll just be spinning your wheels over and over again not seeing the income you want (or deserve!). In this age of virtual-run businesses, you need to shift what you’re doing to stay in business or open up and learn these new skills required to sustain yourself and thrive. In this presentation you will learn how to design your business around the kind of life you want to live, incorporating your ideal lifestyle vision and big money goals. You’ll learn where to spend your energy, resources, and time to see the financial results you’re hoping for quicker. And how to effectively maximize this online, virtual world we’re living in and still do the kind of business that you are passionate about.
    • Jumpstart Your Sales – One-on-One or Online – Now more than ever you may want to look at learning how to get better at “booking” and “closing” sales conversations. Whether you’re leaving the house or not, some of your prospects and clients may not be leaving the house as much right now. This means less in-person networking events, less coffee dates, and less clients to do one-on-one sessions with “in person” but you can still do plenty of one-on-one sales conversations and calls on Zoom or other conference lines. It’s time to stop the doom and gloom attitude if you are experiencing that and learn what you need to do to MAKE MORE SALES during this time (or anytime). That could mean that you need to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Either way, there are plenty of people out there buying right now (Yes, even YOUR products, programs and services too!). Attendees will learn how to book more appointments and 1on1 sales conversations via email, zoom, social media and from anywhere, conduct effective and results-oriented conversations for “Collaborations & Connecting” (I call them “Get-to-Know-Ya” calls), and take prospects through that 1on1 sales conversation much more easily, more authentically yet with more assertiveness and strategy so you can actually get more people to say YES to you.
    • Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow – Are You Finally Ready to Learn EXACTLY What to Do AND HOW to Do It in Regards to Getting More Clients in Your Business? We’re talking about marketing and selling in your business. These are, after all, the two most CRITICAL activities that ANY small business owner (or sales professional in ANY industry) needs to learn and GET REALLY GOOD AT DOING! Maybe you know a lot of the WHAT to do in your marketing, sales and your business…. but what’s missing is the HOW. In this presentation you will learn how to tweak what you’re selling to make sure you hit your money goals every month, the 3 types of marketing every small business owner needs to be focusing on for consistent revenue generation, and how to delegate much of your marketing plus time-saving techy tools to help you.
    • How to Make Fast Cash with Easy YES Offers! – This presentation is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors, speakers and anyone who needs to meet a lot of people and build relationships in order to promote and increase their business. Marketing these days is useless without building quality relationships with your clients, prospects, referral sources and contacts.  Making offers is a key component to building those relationships. You can do this if you’re a speaker or doing a speaking presentation or in your day-to-day sales conversations and connecting with prospects in person or online. Most entrepreneurs are NOT prepared to make a sale and take money “on the spot” at live networking events however, unless they ARE the speaker so this information will arm you with the keys to doing this on a daily basis wherever you go no matter what.
    • Maximize Your Follow Up For Million Dollar Results – ADMIT IT….You have a stack of business cards sitting on your desk of people you want to follow up with BUT HAVEN’T. • I know this because 99% of all the small business owners out there are making the same mistakes. You do realize that you’re missing out on a TON OF SALES and probably a few referral source opportunities too? • Who knows, all that LACK of FOLLOW UP could have brought you an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000 in revenues this month! • So, stop doing the things that AREN’T BRINGING IN THE BUCKS and learn what tasks you should be spending time on instead.
    • Love Yourself Successful – The Missing Link to Complete Happiness in Life – Do you feel like you’re stuck in your business and you’re not sure why? ➢ Wonder why you aren’t making the kind of revenue you thought you would make? ➢ Not sure how to get new clients or more referrals regularly and consistentl Regardless what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle because of lack of love in their life….love and support for or by a significant other, love and confidence in yourself or love for life or your business in general. All the marketing, systems & planning may not be able to help you if you’re not happy in your personal life.
    • Put Your Small Business on Autopilot and Watch Your Profits Skyrocket! – Are you constantly struggling in your business or working way too hard for not enough profits? Want to find out how to work less in your business and make more? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’re probably: • Not earning as much as you thought you would by now • Not enjoying enough time off with loved ones • Working much harder than you have to or want to When you automate, delegate and systematize more things in your business, you can see massive results!
    • Relationship Marketing Strategies To Double Your Business and More! – In this world of Internet marketing, building relationships with your prospects, referral sources and as many people as you can meet and add to your database is your most important marketing strategy. As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you are NOT marketing to those people who know you and have already done business with you then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF SALES! Learn how to easily increase your database, market effectively to your database and to your unique target market with easy to implement strategies without breaking the bank.
    • Building Your List with Your Website – Web Design Secrets and Strategies Your Web Designer Doesn’t Discuss With You! – Are you wondering if your current site is getting traffic, converting traffic or working for you at all to help you get more clients? Are you building a new site for your business and not sure really where to start or who to go to have help you? The # 1 thing your website should be doing for you if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur is… Bringing in Qualified Leads and Building Your List.
    • How to Design Your Talk to Make Everyone Want What You’ve Got to Offer – There are lots of speakers out there talking about all kinds of different topics. What makes YOU different? How can you stand out among others who do what you do? If you’re doing speaking presentations already or even if you’ve never done a single one, this presentation will give you some fresh new ideas to get noticed and get booked. Designing what to talk about is an art and a skill because you want to know your overall goal from what you want out of the exposure before you figure out what you want to say.

    Katrina Sawa is the CEO and Founder of JumpstartYourBizNow.com. She is lovingly known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she kicks her clients into high gear making more money doing what they love and fast. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing & Sales System, 12x International Best-Selling author with 20 books including, Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now and the Jumpstart Your _____(blank) Series. Katrina is also the CEO of Jumpstart Publishing where she helps entrepreneurs publish books that generate more clients and revenue, and she’s the Founder of the International Speaker Network, a free, educational, networking group with thousands of members.

    Katrina has a no-nonsense approach to showing entrepreneurs how to develop consistently profitable businesses implementing proven marketing and business strategies. She’s been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC, and TheCW. Katrina was awarded the National Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association and a 2-time Nominee for the Wise Woman Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She speaks to groups of all sizes, holds live training events annually and lives in Northern California with her husband Jason and step-daughter Riley.

    Katrina’s speaking style is dynamic, energetic and inspiring. She can deliver a highly motivational talk to lift up audiences around the topic of her books, Love Yourself Successful or Jumpstart Your New Business Now. She can also deliver highly detailed business and marketing strategies, start up plans and systems type of content in her talks for growing your business faster and more affordably. Topics include: consistent cash flow, marketing basics, automation, website and systems talks, also ones about love and money both.

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  • Author Nation

    Author Nation

    Author Nation takes professionals and entrepreneurs from idea to successfully published author. Years into a career or business, high achievers realize it is time to level up and share their experience with the world. Is that you? Deciding to write a book is an exciting and challenging journey. From trying to wade through all the information on publishing to wondering who will read your book to having your writing dry up, most would be authors meet many obstacles. Many people shelve their books before they get written. Only 3% of people who want to write a book actually finish writing their book. Author Nation offers a publishing system and community based on five pillars.

    Pillar #1. Author Pro Roadmap: This includes creating your plan. Meaning I’ll teach you how to create your outline, timeline, and budget. After you get this work completed, you and I will conduct a 1:1 call where I review your book outline and author plan and give you required feedback and direction.

    Pillar #2. Author Pro On-going Training: This includes just-in-time training modules. Meaning you will receive on-going training to continue progressing into the completion of your plan. You will have access to writing sessions, paths to publishing resources, educational events, author success journals, networking events, ask us anything, and a replay library.

    Pillar #3. Author Pro Group Coaching: This includes a monthly call to keep you accountable and obtain motivation to keep moving forward. Meaning every month, you’re able to get on a call with me and other entrepreneurs learning with you, learn from them and their questions, state your goals, and ask your specific questions so you never feel alone.

    Pillar #4. Direct Access to Melody: This includes access to me between regular group calls via your Author Journal and our Ask Us Anything section of the community. Meaning you will have the founder and creator of this program in your back pocket, so you never have a chance to get stuck.

    Pillar #5. Author Pro Community: This includes an invitation to our member-only private Circle community of other entrepreneurs. Meaning you can use this to meet, learn from and connect with other men and women just like you working to finish their books.

    This is a unique publishing system that works with nonfiction authors whether they are self-published or traditionally published. You also get to work on your timelines and benefit from having the support of a community. This is not a cookie cutter approach. You and your book are unique and your life busy. You deserve the level of support you need while still maintaining control of your content and creativity.

    Author Nation gives you a path to success that works for you.

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  • Orion 21

    Orion 21

    We specialize in creating videos, audio books, e-Books and e-Learning to package your message into the world wide web.
    If you give a man a fish you have fed him for the day.
    If you teach a man how to fish, you will feed him for a life time.
    But if you build him a fishing webpage, a FaceBook page and a VIDEO
    you will feed several of his generations to come.

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  • Keith Shaw

    Selected Speaker Topics:

    • Communication Is PRIME! (Taking Communication To The Next Level) – Communication is one of the most important and impactful skills we can develop as a leader.  It is important that we are intentional about improving this fundamental skill.  Coach Keith will show you systems and frameworks that will improve you and your team’s ability to communicate more effectively. In this session, attendees are provided with Frameworks that simplify communication, Confidence in their ability to handle difficult conversations, and Tips, tools and techniques they can use immediately.
    • Leadership Reimagined! (Focus. Accelerate. Serve. Transform) – In today’s changing times, leadership skills are no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. This high-impact keynote provides attendees with a roadmap for growth and challenges them to become the leaders their teams crave and deserve. In this session, attendees will be provided with A roadmap to take your leadership to the next level, Behaviors and activities that demonstrate leadership and bring to life, A better understanding of leadership and a commitment to continued growth, and Clear steps to implement these practices and become the leader you were always meant to be.
    • DISC Behavior Style Leadership DISCovery Experience & Team Building Event – Provide your leaders with an engaging, educational and interactive DISC Behavior Style Experience that includes an assessment, group debrief, personal development challenge and leadership connection skills event that is uplifting and entertaining. Leaders become aware of their own styles, the styles of others and why all styles are an important ingredient for organizational success. Attendees build skills that will improve relationship building, communication and teamwork. They learn that practicing the “Platinum Rule,” treating people the way they want to be treated is a magical game-changer. This program is perfect for Leadership Teams, Team Building Events, Sales Meetings, or Off-Site Meetings. The DISC Team Building Event is a great ice breaker for off-site meeting or a great way to help newly formed teams get to know one another better.  This event is presented in a fun and interactive way.  Attendees will get out of their seats, cheer one another on and laugh at themselves.  It is an injection of fun, but also a meaningful activity that can be a nice change of pace or transition during an off-site meeting or a great way to create a bond between new team members.  Most importantly, attendees receive a 30-page report that provides a roadmap for improving self-awareness, communication effectiveness and business/personal relationships beyond the event. 

    Available for In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid Presentations

    Leadership and Behavior Style expert Coach Keith Shaw equips organizations with skills and a roadmap to navigate the challenging and rapidly changing workplace.  With over thirty (30) years of corporate human resources and leadership development experience, he takes the abstract topic of leadership and translates it into simple actions, activities and behaviors that bring leadership to life inside individuals and organizations.  

    Keith has had the pleasure of serving top tier clients like Raytheon, Safran, L3Harris and USPS.  He is a dynamic speaker that that educates, entertains and uplifts event attendees.

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  • Jill Lublin

    Selected Speaking Topics:

    • Get Known Everywhere: If you want to be the #1 Influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media wants, Jill provides you with short-term, doable tactics that boost visibility for you and your brand. Jill Lublin’s expertise will drive prospects to your door and profits to your pockets!

    With 200+ speaking engagements each year, master publicity strategist and consultant, and bestselling author, Jill Lublin, consistently wows audiences worldwide with her entertaining and interactive keynotes, seminars, and training programs on publicity, networking, kindness and influence marketing. Jill is the author of four bestselling books, including: Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw-Hill), Networking Magic (Morgan James), and Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media), which is regarded as the “PR Bible”, and her latest book The Profit of Kindness (Career Press.)

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  • Cindy L. Herb

    Cindy L. Herb speaks on:

    • Striving, Surviving and Thriving – Falling on Your Butt & Getting Back Up Every Time: All of us fall on our butt sometime in our lives, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. Cindy shares how she has fallen on her butt more than a dozen times, but has successfully risen back up.
    • The Power of Prevention – Protect Yourself from Predators: Predators are drawn to prey, regardless of age, race, religion or socioeconomic background. They are skilled at gaining your trust and you, as their intended victim, will usually know them quite well. Cindy teaches tips and tools to avoid becoming a victim.
    • Fly Like an Eagle – Discover Your Purpose in Life: Many people question their life’s purpose, especially after enduring something very painful or surviving a horrific event. Any number of things can trigger the question. This thought-provoking lecture offers some simple solutions, taking you on a journey to discover your individual purpose in life.
    • Overcome Adversity and Find Your Joy: Have you lost your happiness due to experiencing life’s adversity? Find out how to overcome the pain of hardship and unleash the joy within.
    • Controlling Your Life – Finding Solutions When Life is Not Working: Sometimes life is not as idyllic as you once imagined. Many of us are unhappy, feeling unloved, depressed, unfulfilled, angry, or all alone. Cindy takes you on a journey to discover solutions with this uplifting and informative talk designed to enhance your spiritual experience.
    • Journaling to Heal Pain: During her life, Cindy L. Herb has overcome many horrific events, including a childhood rape at the age of nine. After meeting a shaman in 2007, she began journaling her painful childhood experiences. Listen and be inspired by her story and discover how journaling can be an effective tool in healing.
    • Raped or Sexually Abused – How to Get Your Joy Back: The emotional trauma caused from rape or sexual abuse can have a devastating effect. Cindy talks about how to deal with the trauma and return to a place of joy and happiness.

    See Cindy’s Video


    Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes, that story is not pleasant. How do you overcome obstacles or conquer any story of adversity in your life? Let Cindy help you go from surviving to thriving joyfully!

    Is it possible to find joy and peace, despite your circumstances? Cindy L. Herb helps others find joy by assisting them in overcoming their story of adversity. Cindy L. Herb is no longer haunted or burdened with guilt and shame by the events of her life. Indirectly, this has helped her work a more constructive path. She now, as a healed rape victim and survivor, passionately advocates a way to overcome obstacles and understand adverse events that may have occurred in people’s lives. Based upon her personal discoveries, she shares the knowledge that no matter your circumstance, there is a way to overcome life’s tribulations. Virtually anyone can benefit from her message.

    Book Cindy to speak at your next event!

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  • Kenda-Le Pernin

    Kenda-Le Pernin speaks on these topics:

    • Stop Selling, Give Value: The Habits of the High Powered Professional Sales Person – Professional Salespeople have been taught to sell benefits instead of features. But, are we truly giving value? Kenda-Le shares the real-world tools the most successful salespeople use every day to be solutions and resources to their clients.
    • People Can’t Be Managed: You Can Only Manage Their Commitments – In this talk, Kenda-Le explores and explains methods to get real commitments from teams as managers.
    • Heroic Leadership: Creating Futures beyond Predictable – It doesn’t take a hero to be a great leader. The bottom line is everyone has the potential to lead. In this talk, Kenda-Le shares key tools the audience can use to be powerful leaders and to foster future leaders.
    • The Actual Key to Performance: Without Real Integrity Nothing Works – Each person has our own personal integrity. It drives our daily activities and influences everything we do. Kenda-Le opens the audience’s eyes to how recognizing and honoring our own personal integrity contributes to everyone’s overall success.
    • They Never Listen, They Never Will: How To Get Them To Do It Anyway – Kenda-Le offers tools for managers to lead through generous listening. Using this proven path to true communication empowers leaders and their teams on the way to global organizational improvement.

    Kenda-Le Pernin is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach. She is known for bringing rigor to her client engagements and has a track record of supporting clients in producing extraordinary results. Kenda-Le has a depth of experience in operations management. Several of her flagship clients have had major successes in operation management specifically in the areas of cost reductions, team cohesion, and operational efficiencies.

    Offering a depth of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, Kenda-Le has worked with superintendents and supervisors at the Texas City refinery charged with improving operational efficiencies and performance. Kenda-Le has coached superintendents and supervisors on how they, in turn, coach their teams. Kenda-Le has worked with executives and leadership teams globally helping them create and implement new models for communication and employee engagement. She served as vice president of a retail services corporation, where she was in charge of designing and delivering company-wide training initiatives.

    Kenda-Le attended the University of Texas and the University of Houston. Outside of work, Kenda-Le is an avid SCUBA diver, former Girl Scout Troop Leader, on the Board of Directors for Cherish Our Children International, and participates in triathlons to raise money for children in need. She and her daughter make their home in Dallas, Texas.

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  • Craig Gustafson

    Selected Speaker Topics:

    • Connecting with People with No Screens in Between – 70% of HR Managers say they can’t find people with good interpersonal communications skills, yet 90% of promotions are based on these skills.
    • Winning People Skills I Learned at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – A former social misfit and submarine diving officer teaches us how to thrive in social interactions and read those invisible clues of how we communicate non-verbally every day.

    Senior Chief Petty Officer (Ret.,) Speaker, Trainer, Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Engager, Body Language Trainer, certified by The Science of People. As a non-verbal communications coach, Craig is on a mission to help everyone thrive in social situations, because “we all win when we have great interactions.”

    Businesses today are struggling to find new employees who know how to communicate and interact well in person. Craig will teach us science-backed strategies we can use to help us and the young people in our lives how to feel both seen and heard.

    “Hi, I’m Coach Craig. For years I felt like I missed class the day they gave out the book of social grace. It seemed everyone had a rule book for successful social strategies – everyone but me.

    After decades of frustration, I discovered the hidden science of why people act the way they do in social situations.

    I am a Body Language Trainer, certified by The Science of People. More simply, I am a People Skills coach – on a mission to help everyone thrive in social situations, because we all win when we have great interactions.”

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  • Andy Costa

    Andre Costa speaks on these topics:

    • If You Don’t Have a Video, You Don’t Exist. – Understand why 86% of Internet users prefer a video over text and why having a video can help your search results.
    • Technology for Presenters – Everything a presenter should know to make an impactful presentation.
    • Make Money While You Sleep – How to digitize your message and sell it on the web.

    Andre Costa has 25+ years of business experience mostly spent in the Information Technology field creating computer-based training and training curriculums.

    He currently holds the position of E-Learning Director at ReachLocal and owns Orion21, a company dedicated to create on-line presentations (videos, podcasts, audio books and e-learning) for speakers, coaches, ministers, and trainers.

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  • Ashton Smith

    Speakers Selected Topics:
    • Save the Children: Drowning Prevention Education
    • You Can Make It, No Matter How You Are Different
    • When People Use Their Own Voices, Their Impact Endures Over Time
    • Ignoring Homelessness and Human Needs of Your Clients Is Not Accidental: It Requires Intentional Effort
    • Never Settle
    • What Does It Mean to Swim Upstream?

    Many things stick out in my journey from hometown hero to homeless, world-class gold medalist despite having a limiting disability. My road to greatness started when I was nine years old. As a “Differently Abled” person, I found myself being left out of events, overlooked, and under picked. To say it caused inner trauma would be putting it mild. I learned to cope by escaping into swimming, which can be a team sport or an individual one. I found myself at the YMCA in Waxahachie almost daily. Once I discovered the water, I was naturally drawn to it. Once the staff at the Y saw I loved to swim, they encouraged, empowered, and enabled me to train and blossom into that youth capable enough to capture a spot on the Special Olympics team. There are varying levels of competitiveness involved, and one of the underlying reasons for their existence is to assist athletes that are disadvantaged for any number of reasons. My blindness afforded me the opportunity of competing as a swimmer for the organization.
    I’ve had the privilege of competing in the World Games, Dubai and in Seattle, at a National US Games. It is a unique honor and I am truly blessed to have accomplished that feat, which is especially amazing since I am a legally blind African-American female. I just published a book called Swimming UPSTREAM. I host my Keep Swimming With Ashton podcast and join as a guest on many other shows and podcasts. I’m currently seeking opportunities as a public speaker.

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